General Conference is Always the Greatest

April 6, 2015

Mexico City South Mission

What a great weekend we had to hear the words of our Heavenly Father through the leaders of the church. Presidente Monson didn’t say much but what he did say were the essencials of life. Go to the temple and “follow carefully the steps of our Savior” The important things. That was the flee of the Prophet of God to us.

We have also been reminded of the importance of the family and the great plan that God has for us. That it only works IN FAMILIES!

We have been advised to not worry when we don’t understand everything, but to hold on to what we do know. To have FAITH!

I absolutely loved this conference! It was so special =) Now we just have to apply these inspired words to our lives.

Carlos went to the 2nd session of conference on Saturday! It was so great that he was there. He told us that he would be there on Sunday too, but never showed up ha. So we gotta find out why. We haven’t been able to get in touch with Cecilia and her husband. I am pretty sure they went out of town for spring vacations. We are hoping to be able to find them this week. They are such great people!

OH GOOD NEWS! Sister Guerrero told me that Elsa, Manuel and Elena back in Hidalgo are progressing so much! They all went to General Conference and loved it! That makes me so happy to know that! She said that Manuel is going to be baptized this Saturday!! YAY!!! My heart is so full of love and happiness to know that the Gospel is blessing their lives too and that they are making these great changes in their lives to know the Savior and our Heavenly Father more.

I love you all so so much! I am pretty sure that next week I will be able to write! So we will talk for the last time by internet next week! see ya soon!

Hermana Davies

holy moly!!! i cant believe it. i have loved being here in the mission, but i feel it is time now to see my favorite people again.



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