Because The Family is of God

First of all- I loved the women’s conference! What great messages the Lord gave us! The family is the most important! I feel honored to be a daughter of God and to have this divine nature. I look forward to the day when I can have my own family and help build the kingdom of God in my own home. But as for now, I will continue helping others come to the knowledge that they can have a Family FOREVER! =)

This week I learned that the only way to endure is by having the Holy Ghost. This spirit of God helps us in every single day! This week we had planned 32 lessons, but ended up only teaching 19. So many of the appointments fell. But we tried finding the good in each day! The best part though was that we were able to teach the 19 lessons that we did. And that Heavenly Father guided us to each of these people! I know that He knows us all and loves us so much!

Tomorrow is my last interview with the President! My companion and I will be staying after to eat with them as well. They have a tradition to make food for the missionaries who are going home. It will be fun to be able to go to there house and spend a little time with them. The Valadezs are great people! I sure was blessed to be able to serve with them!

Sorry that I haven’t sent pictures. My card has a virus. But the guy here is trying to help me with this little problem. haha

I love you all so much!

Hermana Davies

Hey! There is a sister missionary here that i told you guys about. Her name is sister Koyle from Kuna Idaho. She just told me that her parents are moving to the 17th ward this week or the next! You guys gotta look out for them! =) Brenda and Neil Koyle are their names! =)


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