My Last Transfer

March 2, 2015

I cant believe it is my last transfer in the mission. Like I suspected, they called us last night and I have to go. Hermana Guerrero and I are pretty sad, but we have learned that transfers are inspired. Next monday I will be able to tell you guys where I am at and with who. I will miss Hermana Guerrero so much. She has become such a great friend!

This last week was a great one! We visited Manuel and he is progressing and gaining a testimony. I hope that Hna Guerrero will be able to get him baptized this Saturday. Elsa is doing so well! I am so sad that I wont be able to say goodbye to her. She smokes and has been trying to stop. That is her biggest challenge because she has a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. I have grown to love these people so much. It´ll be hard to leave them here as I go to a new area. I know that they will be fine though. There are lots of good members who will take care of them and help them all along the way.

What great experiences I have had here on the mission. I am so grateful for each and everyone of them. I am happy to see the changes I have made in my life. I have become a better person. I liked what you told me mom about the talk the Elder of the 70 gave. We need to become better. We need to allow the Lord to mold us and help us the BECOME our full potential.

I love you all so much! To the moon and Back!

Have the best week ever!

Hermana Davies



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