Del Valle

March 9, 2015

Well. I am in an area called Del Valle in the stake Ermita. It is pure city. Big buildings and lots of cars and people. I miss the mountains of Hidalgo. But I am trying to find the good in each day. My companions name is Sister Chavez. She is from Chilpancingo Guerrero Mexico. She is really nice and happy all the time. Thats a good way to be.

In the week that I have here I found out that the sisters didnt really have any investigators. So thats the adventure we are on right now. To FIND people. There is lots to do and no time to waste!

This week my eyes were open to the wonderful creations of the Lord. We have a park real close to where we live and so one evening we taught a sister of the ward in the park. It was dark out and the light we had was from the light post and the buildings near by. As we were sitting on the bench we just took a moment to see all the beauties of the world. Airplanes were flying overhead, people playing basketball, walking with their families or pets. It was just really cool! The Lord loves us! What a wonderful world!

Sister Guerrero told me that Manuel will probably be getting baptized this saturday! I sure hope so! And that ELsa is very excited for her baptism and is preparing herself very well for it! She just cant stop smoking all the sudden because it had been a really strong addiction, her doctor wont let her. I am so glad that I could find her again after when I left Tlalpan!

It was a longer week for me too! It was real tough to leave Hidalgo. I miss it there so much. I think it was probably my best area. But I am going to make Del Valle my best one now.

I love you guys so much! Thanks for always writing me and making me so happy!

Have the best week ever!!

Hermana Davies


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