Last Transfer

February 23, 2015

It was another great week! =) I hope that it was for you guys as well.

Manuel and Elsa both were at church on Sunday! WOO HOO! Elsa accepted a baptismal date for March 14th! I hope that I will still be here for it! Manuel will hopefully be able to be baptized this Saturday! His interview will be on Thursday! We will see how it goes! This past week we started teaching a little old 90 year old lady named Graciela Rios! She is so cute and has so much energy. She has traveled all around the world. In the lesson we had with her she would all the sudden start talking English with me haha 3 years ago she went to Egypt! I want to go to Egypt now! =)

Anywho! Graciela has such great faith in the Lord. So many sad and hard things have happened in her life but she trust in God. What a great example she is to me. She told us that if she is able to convince herself that the Church is true, she will get baptized haha I trust in the Holy Ghost and I know that the Spirit will testify to her the truthfulness of this great message.

Things are real great here in Hidalgo. I cant believe how fast this transfer went. On sunday night they will be calling us yet again to tell us if we have transfers or not. Its the last time for me. =( I cant believe it.

I love you all so so much and hope that this week is the best one!

Hermana Davies



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