Hills of Hidalgo

January 26, 2015

My new companion is Hermana Guerrero from San Luis Potesi, Mexico! She is really great. I am finishing her training. She has 7 weeks in the mission haha I remember when I was in her shoes. This week we worked real hard. She is worn out from all the hills here in Hidalgo haha

Manuel is progressing so much! He is such a cute old man! His interview is this Thursday and if all goes well, Saturday will be his baptism! Its so cool when the spirit is the teacher in all the lessons. It makes is so much easier. I know that he can feel the spirit of the Lord and thats why he is progressing so well.

Its amazing! Oh! So yesterday I saw the Calvillo family from Tlalpan! It was so great =) This morning they took us to eat breakfast. It was so fun to see them!!! I have some pictures… but I think my card has another virus so I wont be able to send them. I have the worst luck with camaras and cards. Hopefully I can get it all fixed for next week.

But anyways. Its been good here! Hope all is well back home!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies


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