The Week Before Christmas


December 22, 2014

The week before Christmas…hmm its been real interesting haha I can definitely say that it is a little more difficult to find people to teach in the last few days. Everyone is preparing for their “pozadas” (Christmas parties)

In all the streets people have their little stands where they are selling piñatas and fruit to fill it with. (Yep, they fill their piñatas with fruit…last year an orange came flying at me)

Anywho. It’s been fun! We had our Christmas conference last wednesday! That was really fun. It was a combined conference with my zone and my old zone Churubusco so Hermana Stevens was there! It was the best Christmas present ever! haha It was so good to see her again…even though it had only been like 9 days

Anywho. We have a short little conference at the beginning…then after a talent/sketch show. My districts sketch was so funny! I will tell you all about it wednesday! After the sketches we ate food and then could play volleyball or basketball for 3 hours! It was the greatest! After 1 year of NOT playing it felt so good to do something again. I was so sore for the 2 days after. It hurt to kneel down and pray. Well yep, that was our week!

I am really excited to talk to you all on Wednesday!!


Love forever,

Hermana Davies


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