January 5th, 2015

Its a new year! How crazy!!! WE sure started it off well! Yesterday Liz and Manuel were at church! Liz will be getting baptized this Saturday if all goes well in her interview!!

Yesterday we really saw the blessing that come from fasting. I know that the Lord hears our prayers and knows the things we need. We fasted in particular for Liz so that everything goes good. We have been trying really hard to get her staying the full 3 hours in church and for that we have been waiting to get her baptized. Saturday night we called to see to remind her about church and she said that she would only be able to go for 2 hours. But when we got to church and the first 2 classes were over, she said she was going to stay the whole time. (ps. she has a 7 year old son named Joshua and he came with her too) Its so fun to see people make positive changes in their lives! Being a missionary, we get the front row seat in watching the change happen! =)

I am so grateful to our loving Heavenly Father for all the blessing that he gives us. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. I know that He is very aware of us and our needs. He protects us and watches over us from up above.

I know that our Savior lives and loves us! HIS sacrifice is the greatest expression of love and it is for everyone no matter who we are, where we have been or where we are going. I love Him with all my heart!

I hope you all have a great week!!! Talk to you soon!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies



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