Hills of Hidalgo

January 26, 2015

My new companion is Hermana Guerrero from San Luis Potesi, Mexico! She is really great. I am finishing her training. She has 7 weeks in the mission haha I remember when I was in her shoes. This week we worked real hard. She is worn out from all the hills here in Hidalgo haha

Manuel is progressing so much! He is such a cute old man! His interview is this Thursday and if all goes well, Saturday will be his baptism! Its so cool when the spirit is the teacher in all the lessons. It makes is so much easier. I know that he can feel the spirit of the Lord and thats why he is progressing so well.

Its amazing! Oh! So yesterday I saw the Calvillo family from Tlalpan! It was so great =) This morning they took us to eat breakfast. It was so fun to see them!!! I have some pictures… but I think my card has another virus so I wont be able to send them. I have the worst luck with camaras and cards. Hopefully I can get it all fixed for next week.

But anyways. Its been good here! Hope all is well back home!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies



January 19, 2015

Transfers have come yet again! I am staying here in Hidalgo and Sister Castro is heading out. Tomorrow we will find out where. This week has been a good one. We have an investigator, Manuel and he is progressing really well! His baptism date is for the 31st of this month! The bishops family invited him and a few of the elders investigators over to their house for a family night! I am so excited to hear how it goes!! =)

This week I am not quite sure what to say! I feel like tomorrow is when all the crazy stuff will happen!

The pictures are from the baptism that the elders had this saturday. They are a cute family. The little girls love hermana castro and I haha

I hope that in this week we dont get lost. I dont know our area very well, but its alright! Itll be an adventure! =)

I am really excited for Shayla to head out! As they told us in the MTC, the mission is training for the rest of our lives!

I love being here. Its worth it.

=) I love you all forever!

Hermana Davies



January 12, 2015

Lizbeth got baptized Saturday!!! YAHOO!!! =) It was so perfect!! She is so happy. The best part..besides the actual baptism, was afterwards when she bore her testimony. It was short and sweet. She was so nervous to talk in front of everyone. But she did great! She said that it was the best decision she had made and that she felt 100% clean! SHe is so great!

Anywho. That was the hightlight of the entire week! We are working hard and enjoying every minute. Today is week 6. Transfers are coming up this sunday. I feel like I just got here in Hidalgo.

SO real quick I wanted to share a little of what I was studying in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi. After Samuel had profesied of the birth of Christ many people didnt believe him, but there were still a bunch that did. They were filled with the hope of a Savior who would come to the earth. The signs never came though..they waited and waited and nothing and started to loose their faith. Nephi saw that they were losing their faith and so he prayed to the Lord to know what to do, because he too was waiting for these signs. The Lord tells him in 3 nephi 1:13-14 that the signs are coming and that he will do his part. That got their hopes up again and just as youd guess the signs came! They just needed to be more patient. A few verses later in this same chapter it says that Satan tried tricking the people again into losing their faith. but I love that it say in verse 22 that they didnt listen to the lies of Satan. They believed and were converted to the Lord. Every day of our lives we need to believe and REconvert ourselves to the Lord. I was reminded of a quote that you gave me mom, by Elder Uchtdorf. “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”

Stay strong in the faith. The Lord loves each and every one of us! Hold fast in patience and the things we are waiting for will come!

I love you all so so much! To the moon and back!

Hermana Davies



January 5th, 2015

Its a new year! How crazy!!! WE sure started it off well! Yesterday Liz and Manuel were at church! Liz will be getting baptized this Saturday if all goes well in her interview!!

Yesterday we really saw the blessing that come from fasting. I know that the Lord hears our prayers and knows the things we need. We fasted in particular for Liz so that everything goes good. We have been trying really hard to get her staying the full 3 hours in church and for that we have been waiting to get her baptized. Saturday night we called to see to remind her about church and she said that she would only be able to go for 2 hours. But when we got to church and the first 2 classes were over, she said she was going to stay the whole time. (ps. she has a 7 year old son named Joshua and he came with her too) Its so fun to see people make positive changes in their lives! Being a missionary, we get the front row seat in watching the change happen! =)

I am so grateful to our loving Heavenly Father for all the blessing that he gives us. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. I know that He is very aware of us and our needs. He protects us and watches over us from up above.

I know that our Savior lives and loves us! HIS sacrifice is the greatest expression of love and it is for everyone no matter who we are, where we have been or where we are going. I love Him with all my heart!

I hope you all have a great week!!! Talk to you soon!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies


Good Bye 2014

December 29, 2014

How fast this year went!! I can’t believe it is just about over! This week was a really good one! We tried real hard to find people to teach…which when all was said and done, we didn’t have very many lessons we saw so many miracles!! =) Hna Castro and I had contacted an little old man about a week ago and invited him to church. We made plans to pass by for him Sunday morning. When we showed up, he had just woke up but he asked us to wait 5 minutes. He got all ready quick and yelled for his friend to come with us! It was so awesome!

We brought 2 future investigators to church with us. We haven’t even taught them yet. Then we also had Lizbeth (who will be baptized January 10th) there and another sister called Elena. It was so awesome! We visited Elena Saturday night and extended a baptismal date for feb.7 and invited her to church. She said she was going to go. When we got there and were sitting in Sacrament meeting we didn’t see her…but just when we didn’t expect it, so walked right in. Prayers are heard. The Lords work is the best and its so fun to be a part of it!

Yesterday we found a less active member and he is real interesting. But in the 40 minutes that we were there with him as he was jabbering of this and that he said something that really called my attention. He said that missionary work isn’t work. Its more like a hobby. And if we make it a hobby the time flies by! Ain’t that the truth! Sharing the gospel is the great hobby ever!!!

=) Have a wonderful week! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

love you all to the moon and back!!

Hermana Davies


The Week Before Christmas


December 22, 2014

The week before Christmas…hmm its been real interesting haha I can definitely say that it is a little more difficult to find people to teach in the last few days. Everyone is preparing for their “pozadas” (Christmas parties)

In all the streets people have their little stands where they are selling piñatas and fruit to fill it with. (Yep, they fill their piñatas with fruit…last year an orange came flying at me)

Anywho. It’s been fun! We had our Christmas conference last wednesday! That was really fun. It was a combined conference with my zone and my old zone Churubusco so Hermana Stevens was there! It was the best Christmas present ever! haha It was so good to see her again…even though it had only been like 9 days

Anywho. We have a short little conference at the beginning…then after a talent/sketch show. My districts sketch was so funny! I will tell you all about it wednesday! After the sketches we ate food and then could play volleyball or basketball for 3 hours! It was the greatest! After 1 year of NOT playing it felt so good to do something again. I was so sore for the 2 days after. It hurt to kneel down and pray. Well yep, that was our week!

I am really excited to talk to you all on Wednesday!!


Love forever,

Hermana Davies