It’s Hard To Say Goodbye


Well after an excellent week of hard work we have seen so so so many miracles. The Lord loves his children and leads them to opportunities to finding the gospel one way or another.

Alejandro Flores is a new member this year and he introduced us to his cousin Ilse Flores. She is AMAZING!!! She is already to be baptized and we have only taught her officially 1 time. Yesterday she went to church the whole 3 hours. We also had invited one of our friends that lives in front of us to go to church with us. HIs name is Cesar Hernandez. We hadn’t taught him yet, but we always see him everyday so we decided to invite him. We told him that we would see him at 8 in the morning the next day. Sunday morning as we are about ready to head out the door we look out the window and see Cesar outside his house waiting for us. It really was a day of miracles. Clismer has been coming with us to lessons even though he still cant get baptized haha he acts like a member of 20 years. He told us that he could pass by for Hugo, our other investigator so that they would go to church together. They both showed up bright and early sunday. The spirit was so great and I know that their hearts were touched with the love of God.

Another 6 weeks has come around so fast…so the sad part of the story of the week is that Elder James called us last night to tell us that we have transfer. Sister Stevens will be staying here and tomorrow morning we have to go to the church to find out where I am going and with who and also who will be the sister to come to Taxqueña. Sister Stevens has made me a stronger person, because I haven’t cried hardly at all…even though we both feel like someone has stuck a rusty flag pole in our hearts and is pulling it out slowly. What a great blessing though that we have had to have these last 12 weeks together. I really feel like we have grown so much and little by little are becoming the daughter and missionaries that God wants us to be.

Just as we teach our investigators, Our Heavenly Father has a plan very special for us and we have to accept it. We have to put our lives… EVERYTHING, in his hands and trust him. It applies to us too as missionaries. We too are children of God.

I love my Heavenly Father so much for blessing me with the time I had here in Taxqueña and all the wonderful people I have met that have become so dear to my heart.

I hope that you are all doing great and that in everyday you remember ALL the blessing God has given you!

Until next week,

Hermana Davies

So i forgot to tell you!

President Valadez called us this morning to thank us for our service as sister training leaders. He told us that they decided to take out 2 of the 3 companionships of Sister Training leaders so that there is only 1 companionship. He told us that we are strong sisters that he needs to help strengthen others for more time than just a 1 or 2 day companionship exchange that we were doing as sister training leaders. Thats all he told us so it’ll be interesting to find out who are new companions are.



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