Well its almost been 1 week here in Hidalgo. I am now in the Stake Contreras. Its really great out here. The ward is really strong and the members are awesome. Its kinda weird to be in a ward where ward council actually works haha I really miss Taxqueña though! Its a tough ward but I learned to love it!

My companion is Hermana Castro. She is from Columbia. She is the sister that Hermana Treminio trained. President Valadez wrote me today and told me that he wants me to help her in the next 6 weeks so that I can leave her animated and strengthened. Challenge accepted =)

This area is really hilly! I have always been in low elevations during my mission so its quite the change. We have been trying to go running in the mornings and its been killing me. Its pure UP HILL.

We have a baptism coming up in the next week. Hermana Castro and her other companion started teaching her and she progressed real quick. We actually are going to be baptizing her a week early. The rule is 5 weeks at church, but itll be 4. President told Hna Castro that they could do it early. So the 27th will be a happy day here in Hidalgo.

Hermana Stevens told me that Ilse was at church yesterday! It made me so happy! I know that Hermana Stevens and her new companion will baptize her. And I hope they invite me!

Well I sure hope you all have a great week! Miss you so much! =)

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies


We have 3 companionships here in the ward. we are the only sisters.

Last Thursday we sang silent night at a ward Christmas dinner. I had someone video it and made the picture from the video =)



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