Remember Who You Are


Hello my dear family!!

This week was a good one! Not too much happened, but we did have Stake Conference yesterday and it was really neat. It wasnt your ordinary conference it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City and we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Neil. L Andersen, Elder Richard Maynes, Sister Reeves, Elder Daniel Johnson, and Elder De Hoyos. Each one had a great message to share. What I really enjoyed is what Elder Maynes had said. He talked about the importance of REMEMBERING. Remembering WHO we are. That we are really Children of God. Also remembering the covenants we have made with God when we got baptized, or remembing the importance of the Atonement of Christ and repentance. It was just a good message. Then Elder Andersen talked about Sacrifice. He talked about how the people here in Mexico had to make a sacrifice when the Lord made a change of the school Benemérito to the MTC. It was a message aimed toward parents to teach their children about sacrifices and look for all the ways they could do so. It really was an uplifting conference. The bummer was that only about 20 people from our ward showed up. So this week we have a lot of work to do to find out where they all were.

We really are excited and ready to help strengthen our ward. They really need a lot of help and we are here to do it! =)

I am grateful to have had parents who taught me the importance of Sacrificing. Its not always easy, but it is always worth it, if you are sacrificing to do something the Lord wants. Something might be good, but if the Lord is telling you to sacrifice something..its going to be something Better that comes in the long run. I hope that everyone one day will have the opportunity to learn that great lesson. Thank you so much mom and dad! You guys are the greatest =)

I sure love you all so so much!

Scripture of the week:

3rd Nephi 27:27

“Y sabed que vosotros seréis los jeuces de este pueblo, según el juicio que yo os daré, el cual será justo. Por lo tanto, ¿qué clase de hombre habéis de ser? En verdad os digo, aun como yo soy.”

REMBMER. Christ is our best example!

Have the BEST week ever!



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