Phone Home


Hi Mom and Dad: So they called us last night to tell us that we have the normal hour to write this week! Surprise!! I am excited to talk to you all Wednesday! yay!!! mom I can not wait to hear your voices! Its gunna be awesome!!!!!!

Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 12:47 PM

Hi Stef. I didn’t write cuz I thought you wouldn’t be on. I cant wait to talk to you. We are calling on your skype account. Wednesday at your time 11:00. This will be so awesome. Mom

Stef Wrote:

The week before Christmas…hmm its been real interesting haha I can definitely say that it is a little more difficult to find people to teach in the last few days. Everyone is preparing for their “pozadas” (Christmas parties)

In all the streets people have their little stands where they are selling piñatas and fruit to fill it with. (Yep, they fill their piñatas with fruit…last year an orange came flying at me) Anywho. Its been fun! We had our Christmas conference last Wednesday! That was really fun. It was a combined conference with my zone and my old zone Churubusco so Hermana Stevens was there! It was the best Christmas present ever! haha It was so good to see her again…even though it had only been like 9 days

Anywho. We have a short little conference at the beginning… then after a talent/sketch show. My districts sketch was so funny! I will tell you all about it Wednesday! After the sketches we ate food and then could play volleyball or basketball for 3 hours! It was the greatest! After 1 year of NOT playing it felt so good to do something again. I was so sore for the 2 days after. It hurt to kneel down and pray. Well yep, that was our week!  I am really excited to talk to you all on Wednesday!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Love forever, Hermana Davies

Mom Wrote: Did you open your presents?

Stef Wrote: no…I only opened the shoes haha but I knew you would understand hahaha… What did you do for the parties it looks so fun?

Mom wrote: We had the Bates and Davies family parties this weekend. Then Karls family had been in Sun Valley and came to Pocatello. They asked if we’d take the kids to Nampa then they will meet us there tonight. I’m not sure if they will be at our house for Christmas or not but will find out soon I suspect. Do you know what your doing for Christmas yet? Love you my little Missionary. Mom

Stef wrote: That so fun!!!!! Send more pictures of that quick! I got like 10 minutes left.

Mom Wrote: Dad and I were in charge of the Davies party. I had found a readers theater for the grinch stole Christmas and some guys really went all out. Megans’ boyfriend plays the Grinch at Hoagle Zoo in SLC. He came to be our Grinch. It was very fun.

Stef Wrote: okay! well its time to go!! Thanks for the pictures! cant wait to talk to you on Wednesday!!!! love you so much!

I am so happy to be a missionary! Hermana Stef

On Wednesday we were able to Skype with Stef.  It was awesome.  We included Amy, Ella, Claire, Bob, Ashley, Nyla Bear, Jenni, David, Justin, Logan, Marc, Joe, Tasia, Dick and Melodee.  It was such a good visit with Stef and was so good to here her voice and hear her laugh.  We met Hermana Castro, they both sang Felise Navidad, and Silent Night in Spanish.  Marc shared his song, Milton the Mouse, and Ella sang, I am a child of God and the ABC’s.  Stef Shared her Testimony in Spanish, it was beautiful and we all cried. What a wonderful blessing to get to share that 45 min. together.  Stef is happy to be serving our Father in Heaven and his Children of Mexico City at this time of her life.

I am smiling to think she only has 3 1/2  months left.  I can’t wait… Stef’s Mom




Well its almost been 1 week here in Hidalgo. I am now in the Stake Contreras. Its really great out here. The ward is really strong and the members are awesome. Its kinda weird to be in a ward where ward council actually works haha I really miss Taxqueña though! Its a tough ward but I learned to love it!

My companion is Hermana Castro. She is from Columbia. She is the sister that Hermana Treminio trained. President Valadez wrote me today and told me that he wants me to help her in the next 6 weeks so that I can leave her animated and strengthened. Challenge accepted =)

This area is really hilly! I have always been in low elevations during my mission so its quite the change. We have been trying to go running in the mornings and its been killing me. Its pure UP HILL.

We have a baptism coming up in the next week. Hermana Castro and her other companion started teaching her and she progressed real quick. We actually are going to be baptizing her a week early. The rule is 5 weeks at church, but itll be 4. President told Hna Castro that they could do it early. So the 27th will be a happy day here in Hidalgo.

Hermana Stevens told me that Ilse was at church yesterday! It made me so happy! I know that Hermana Stevens and her new companion will baptize her. And I hope they invite me!

Well I sure hope you all have a great week! Miss you so much! =)

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies


We have 3 companionships here in the ward. we are the only sisters.

Last Thursday we sang silent night at a ward Christmas dinner. I had someone video it and made the picture from the video =)


It’s Hard To Say Goodbye


Well after an excellent week of hard work we have seen so so so many miracles. The Lord loves his children and leads them to opportunities to finding the gospel one way or another.

Alejandro Flores is a new member this year and he introduced us to his cousin Ilse Flores. She is AMAZING!!! She is already to be baptized and we have only taught her officially 1 time. Yesterday she went to church the whole 3 hours. We also had invited one of our friends that lives in front of us to go to church with us. HIs name is Cesar Hernandez. We hadn’t taught him yet, but we always see him everyday so we decided to invite him. We told him that we would see him at 8 in the morning the next day. Sunday morning as we are about ready to head out the door we look out the window and see Cesar outside his house waiting for us. It really was a day of miracles. Clismer has been coming with us to lessons even though he still cant get baptized haha he acts like a member of 20 years. He told us that he could pass by for Hugo, our other investigator so that they would go to church together. They both showed up bright and early sunday. The spirit was so great and I know that their hearts were touched with the love of God.

Another 6 weeks has come around so fast…so the sad part of the story of the week is that Elder James called us last night to tell us that we have transfer. Sister Stevens will be staying here and tomorrow morning we have to go to the church to find out where I am going and with who and also who will be the sister to come to Taxqueña. Sister Stevens has made me a stronger person, because I haven’t cried hardly at all…even though we both feel like someone has stuck a rusty flag pole in our hearts and is pulling it out slowly. What a great blessing though that we have had to have these last 12 weeks together. I really feel like we have grown so much and little by little are becoming the daughter and missionaries that God wants us to be.

Just as we teach our investigators, Our Heavenly Father has a plan very special for us and we have to accept it. We have to put our lives… EVERYTHING, in his hands and trust him. It applies to us too as missionaries. We too are children of God.

I love my Heavenly Father so much for blessing me with the time I had here in Taxqueña and all the wonderful people I have met that have become so dear to my heart.

I hope that you are all doing great and that in everyday you remember ALL the blessing God has given you!

Until next week,

Hermana Davies

So i forgot to tell you!

President Valadez called us this morning to thank us for our service as sister training leaders. He told us that they decided to take out 2 of the 3 companionships of Sister Training leaders so that there is only 1 companionship. He told us that we are strong sisters that he needs to help strengthen others for more time than just a 1 or 2 day companionship exchange that we were doing as sister training leaders. Thats all he told us so it’ll be interesting to find out who are new companions are.


The Miracle Phone Call

December 1, 2014

Holy Moly. Can you believe that we have started December? This year flew by! Today we had a Leadership Meeting to talk about the things that we will be doing in the next Zone Trainings. This months will be a fun one because its Christmas! =) After waiting a year we will be able to play volleyball haha =)

So this week was a busy one. I felt like we were running everywhere. To start off the week we celebrated Sister Stevens birthday! The Canales Family invited us over to sing and eat cake. It was so nice of them to make Hna Stevens day special. Then the next day was Thanksgiving! Which turned out to be one of the great thanksgivings ever! We went over to the bishops house and had dinner with them.(Unfortunately we forgot our cameras) They had their house decorated so cute, it was all harvesty! They made turkey and ham with vegetables and a fruit salad for us. It was so nice! As we were running to get home in time the bishops wife, Veronica, told us that was her very first thanksgiving dinner. It was fun to celebrate with them!

Our miracle of the week was a phone call we received Friday morning. Let me give the background story. When I first got here to Taxqueña, Hermana Santana and I started teaching a guy named Hugo Montoya. An ex-missionary was bringing him to church. (This ex-missionary, Kennet, is from Honduras and had served here, but after his mission he came back to live) Kennet went home for vacations and when he left Hugo disappeared and that was the last we heard. So this last friday we received a phone call from Hugo and he asked us when he could get baptized. It was really out of the blue, but we put a baptismal date with him and told him that he needed to go to church on sunday if he really wanted to do it. Yesterday he showed up! It was the greatest. We taught him a lesson right after church was over and are on our way with him to be baptized the 27th of December. He smokes 1 pack of cigarretes everyday so we also put a plan with him to quit smoking. He really has this desire in his heart to change his life so we will be praying and working so hard to help him achieve his goals.

All in all, this week was a good one! We just got new pass along cards that say HE IS THE GIFT (Él es la Dádiva) We have been contacting alot of people inviting them to hear our message and reminding them that Our Savior Jesus Christ is the real christmas gift. You guys need to look up and watch the little video there and read more about what it says….then go share it with others!! =)

Which also reminds me of another thought haha yesterday right before church started the bishopbric asked hna stevens and i to talk haha So we planned our talks real quick and they turned out great. The spirit was the real help in that! We both talked about Jesus Christ. As I was talking, I was reminded of a time when I was younger and had seen a label or paper somewhere that said XMAS. I remember asking mom why it said XMAS. Mom explained to me that is was short for Christmas, but we shouldnt say it because it takes CHRIST out of Christmas. Christ is the real reason for it all. We can not and must not ever forget that!

I love you so very much! I hope you all have a great week!!

Love you forever,

Hermana Davies


We have a Loving Heavenly Father


Well another week has gone by! They seem to go so fast. Last monday we had an appointment to visit a reference that was given to us. When we got to his house to teach him he was alone. As missionaries we cant be alone with a guy. So we decided to put another appointment later to bring a member with us. We were kinda bummed out that we couldnt teach him, but as we left a few people who had been outside of his apartment started talking to us and asked what we were promoting haha so we took the opportunity to invite them to hear our message. They agreed and we put an appointment for last friday. This day we had companionship exchanges so Hermana Veater was with me when we went to find them. WE went to the house of Jennifer first and taught her about our Loving Heavenly Father. She was very receptive to it all. She accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 27th of December. It was so great! Then we went to go find her friend Liliana. Her lesson was similiar to Jennifers. She accepted it really well and also accepted the invitation to be baptized. In that moment, I was reminded once again that the Lord really does bless us when we are exactly obedient!

We made plans for us to go pass by for them yesterday to go to church and we were humbled when we got there and they werent home. Instead of being sad, we counted all of the blessing we could see. We sure found a lot. I KNOW the Lord knows what he is doing.

Now looking back on the week, we sure walked a lot. We saw lots of little miracles and we know that the Lords hand is in each and everyday.

I love you all so so so much!

Have a great week!!

Hermana Davies

Its Hermana Stevens birthday this week!

pss. I got the Christmas package last monday night! THANK YOU!!!! Its been a temptation to not open the stuff. Candy fell out of the stockings so we have been eating it haha hope thats okay!

IMG_1225 IMG_1228

Remember Who You Are


Hello my dear family!!

This week was a good one! Not too much happened, but we did have Stake Conference yesterday and it was really neat. It wasnt your ordinary conference it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City and we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Neil. L Andersen, Elder Richard Maynes, Sister Reeves, Elder Daniel Johnson, and Elder De Hoyos. Each one had a great message to share. What I really enjoyed is what Elder Maynes had said. He talked about the importance of REMEMBERING. Remembering WHO we are. That we are really Children of God. Also remembering the covenants we have made with God when we got baptized, or remembing the importance of the Atonement of Christ and repentance. It was just a good message. Then Elder Andersen talked about Sacrifice. He talked about how the people here in Mexico had to make a sacrifice when the Lord made a change of the school Benemérito to the MTC. It was a message aimed toward parents to teach their children about sacrifices and look for all the ways they could do so. It really was an uplifting conference. The bummer was that only about 20 people from our ward showed up. So this week we have a lot of work to do to find out where they all were.

We really are excited and ready to help strengthen our ward. They really need a lot of help and we are here to do it! =)

I am grateful to have had parents who taught me the importance of Sacrificing. Its not always easy, but it is always worth it, if you are sacrificing to do something the Lord wants. Something might be good, but if the Lord is telling you to sacrifice something..its going to be something Better that comes in the long run. I hope that everyone one day will have the opportunity to learn that great lesson. Thank you so much mom and dad! You guys are the greatest =)

I sure love you all so so much!

Scripture of the week:

3rd Nephi 27:27

“Y sabed que vosotros seréis los jeuces de este pueblo, según el juicio que yo os daré, el cual será justo. Por lo tanto, ¿qué clase de hombre habéis de ser? En verdad os digo, aun como yo soy.”

REMBMER. Christ is our best example!

Have the BEST week ever!