Syndrome de instestino irritable

What a week it was! I got sick haha and so I went to a little clinic to find out what the problem was and they told me it was just irritable intestine syndrome haha! They gave me some medicine and now all is well. The whole week I was wondering how I had gotten so much fatter so fast, but it was only the swollen intestine haha =)

So last Monday we had that Leadership Council and it was so good! They always are and what we learned reminded me of what mom had told me last week. We just have to love the people. It is key to it all.

This week we went to teach our little investigator Fernanda, the little 10 year old. She is so smart. And is so ready to get baptized! =) The bummer was that her family (who are all members) didn’t take her to church yesterday. So we are going to go find out what happened there. Carol another investigator we have told us that she is moving home to live with her mom, so we wont be teaching her anymore. We were pretty sad about that, but I know the missionaries will find her there! =)

It was an interesting week because I didn’t feel so great but we still worked hard and Hermana Stevens had a lot of patience with me! She is so great.

We have decided that it doesn’t matter how the day is going, whether it be really hot, rainy, long, cold, tough, or even the best day, together we can make the best out of what comes our way. We laugh off the things that are tough and move forward. That’s the best way to do it!

We have high hopes for this week! Its going to be a real good one =) We are going to be teaching at a zone training this Wednesday! =) We will see how that goes!

Have a great week!!

Love you all to the moon and back!

Hermana Davies

The pictures:

Me and Fernanda with the cutest little dog ever


I hope you are getting ready for the Christmas pictures…there will be more coming!



Two Little Girls 10-27-2014




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