We are Golden!

Nov. 3, 2014
Mexico City South Mission

So funny story for the week. We went to go teach a less active, whose name is Otilio Aquino. We asked him how our Spanish is and he told us that we speak Spanish 70% correct. Then he goes on to say that they, as Mexicans speak it 90% correct and that the Spaniards speak it 99.7% correct. So taking into consideration that no one speaks it 100% correct, I take it as a huge complement that we speak it 70% correct! =)

This week we worked hard and had fun like usual! We were able to visit the Ochoa family and that went well. We will continue pushing real hard with them to help them feel the Spirit. Eva and Edgar came to church yesterday, but the dad said that he wanted to study a little more before going. I know that if we continuing helping them to understand and feel the Spirit, they will have desires to keep learning and going to church.

Its been so fun to be a missionary and to just open your mouth and invite all to hear the great message. We had companionship exchanges on Friday and Saturday with hna Treminio and hna Koyla (the sister from Kuna) This time I went with Hna Koyle and it was so great! We really focused on the fact that right now it is so easy to just talk to everyone in the streets and that’s something we are really trying to improve.

All in all this week was an excellent one! =) The weather has been so weird. It’s stopped raining, but it still get super cold and then the next day really hot. My body is having a hard time to keep up with it. Any that’s the news over here! =)
Hope you all have a great week!
Love you to the moon and back!
Hermana Davies


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