A Prayer Was Answered

So I just want to start off this email with a quick little story and “miracle” that we experienced just last night.

We headed out after a lesson, it was about 8:00 at night and it started to down pour. As you could guess, I forgot my umbrella. But luckily Sister Stevens is always prepared. So we start walking home both huddled under her cute little pink umbrella. As we are walking we realize that there was sure alot of lightning, more than normal. We realized that it was all around us. and that we were in an electric storm..and so we put the umbrella away. It actually scared us quiet a bit.

We decided that running in the middle of the street wouldn’t be the best option, so we stopped underneath a little ledge of someones house. Sister Stevens said a prayer that we could find a taxi or some other way to get home safely, and if not that we could walk home without any problems. After she ended the prayer, we slowly start walking to a more busier corner to find a taxi. None in site.

A police officer pulls up on his motorcycle and asks if everything was alright…(I’m sure because it was a weird thing to see two white girls soaking wet standing in the road) After he left a car pulled up. A little boy rolled down the window and his mom in the drivers seat asks us if we were waiting for a taxi. She told us that they werent going to pass there and that she could take us to one. So we got in her car and she ended up taking us home. She was an answer to our prayer. I love her, that kind citizen =) haha She lives in the area of the other sisters in our ward..so hopefully they can find her and teach her. She was an angel that Heavenly Father sent to us last night.

So my thoughts about conference I almost can’t put into words. It was absolutely perfect! Just what we needed to hear. I sure love our dear Prophet who leads and guides us as well as the 12 apostles and other leaders of the church. They are so inspired. I felt like there were a couple different “themes” The first being the Prophet and that he is called by God, then the Family and the importance of parents to raise their children firm, and then using our agency and making decisions.

I sure loved it! God loves us so very much! I too cant wait to get the conference magazine and read and study all these great messages!

Oh and a quick note before I close this weeks email… WE REACHED OUR GOAL!!! We GOT 40 LESSONS!!!!

I sure love you all so much!!!!

Hermana Davies

ps. sorry i wont send pictures today because the computer has a virus. don’t want to risk loosing the pictures again!


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