What a great weeks its been! We are working hard. This week we almost reached the goal of 40 lessons! …We had 38 ha-ha, but we found 6 new people to teach.

One of which was at church yesterday! It was so great. Her name is Ana Karen. She was a reference from a less active. She is working towards baptism for 8th of October. SO with Daniela, she has been progressing and doing real good…but when yesterday came around we went to her house to go to church together. She wasnt there =(

We called and called and nothing. So after church we went back to find her, but nothing. There is a little problem though with her aunt, she keeps telling Daniela about “the Mormons” and she is giving her anti-Mormon literature. We have been really worried about her. Today we tried calling again and she finally answered. She told us that she went with the dad of her little girl this weekend. Tomorrow we will try to visit her. Every night we pray so hard for her. She really has such a strong desire to follow the example of Christ, but its tough because her aunt. BUT, Everything will be okay!!

We had companionship exchanges this last week with Hermana Treminio!!! It was so fun! It was like we were companions again! =) She is the greatest. It was so cool to see how much she has progressed. She is an amazing missionary!

Well there isn’t too much more to say ha-ha We have been having so much fun. Absolutely loving this transfer together! Like you were saying mom, to be of one heart. Its easy to do with Hermana Stevens. We are putting both our ideas together and have the same purpose and have really been able to see progress and miracles already.

Sure love being a missionary! Its the greatest!

Have a great week my favorites!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Stef



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