“Quiero caminar po que quiero ser un misionera!”

October 20,2014

The title of this weeks letter is a statement from the cutest little girl named Fernanda. She is probably about 3 or 4 years old and has leg casts and cant walk right now. But she told us that she wants to be able to walk so she can be a missionary one day!

Well its been an excellent week! We moved houses last Wednesday! That was a fun adventure. We are now living in Col. San Francisco Culhuacan “La Magdalena” Del. Coyoacan  =)

Its a big apartment and we love it!! Then on Thursday (my YEAR MARK!!!) we headed off to our Zone Conference which was really good. We were able to be reminded how to be missionaries following Preach My Gospel and inspired to “keep on keeping on” as I like to say! Then Friday we all as a zone had to head up to the temple to get flu vaccines. I didnt even get light headed or faint this time! Everyone was real surprised…including myself =)

But while we were up at the temple we were able to see a lot of other missionaries and I ran into a couple friends!! It was fun! =) One sister that I was at the MTC with and then an Elder that was in my Singles Ward at ISU in 5th ward. It was pretty neat! =)

But here in our area, we had to make a few decisions. We had to drop Daniela unfortunately. I was so sad. But if after all we can do and nothing happens…we gotta find those who are ready right now. But some good things did happen! We found Salvador, a less active and he is finally listening to us! =) We are actually teaching his cousin, Adrian the lessons and Salvador is helping us with him! Its been fun! Everyone gets a kick out of us here. They all think we are so funny! I dont know why =) haha

But anywho! Its been a great week! Sure missed you all but the time keeps on flying!

Have a stupendous week!!

Love you ALL to the moon and Back!

Hermana Stef

Scripture of the Week…in spanish.

Doctrina y Convenios 132:23

“Mas si me recibís en el mundo, entonces me conoceréis y recibiréis vuestra exaltación; para que donde yo estoy vosotros también estáis.”  =)

We had a conference with Elder Daniel Johnson of the 70. His wife is SO CUTE! =) she is from sugar city Idaho

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What a Good Week

October 13, 2014

This last week was a good one! haha We were able to have a lot of fun..like usual! =) This week was interesting though. We had really good lessons and were able to visit a lot of our investigators and made plans to have them be at church on Sunday, but when Sunday rolled around, no one showed up. Its okay though! Its just a trial of the faith and we will be working in this week to find out who is really a ripe tomato like Elder Johnson had told us when he came to visit a few months ago. Daniela is so great, and it makes us sad that she didn’t show up. We are going to find out whats going on.

Oh but we do have another investigator names Ana Karen. Her aunt, grandma and cousin are members. She is so sweet! She really has desires that show. Last sunday she was sick and was unable to go, but this Sunday we are pushing for. =) She is 17 years old and is finishing her last year of high school. She just really wants to make good decisions in her life.

I’m so grateful to be a missionary. Even though it breaks your heart sometimes when people wont listen to us or dont show up when they say they will, its all worth it. Because of people like Elizabeth. There are so many great people out here and I know little by little the great message of the gospel will touch their hearts..but when its their time. And only God knows when that is. We just need to be ready at whatever moment to help him in delivering it.

I love you all so much! To the moon and back!

Have a great week!

Hermana Davies

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A Prayer Was Answered

So I just want to start off this email with a quick little story and “miracle” that we experienced just last night.

We headed out after a lesson, it was about 8:00 at night and it started to down pour. As you could guess, I forgot my umbrella. But luckily Sister Stevens is always prepared. So we start walking home both huddled under her cute little pink umbrella. As we are walking we realize that there was sure alot of lightning, more than normal. We realized that it was all around us. and that we were in an electric storm..and so we put the umbrella away. It actually scared us quiet a bit.

We decided that running in the middle of the street wouldn’t be the best option, so we stopped underneath a little ledge of someones house. Sister Stevens said a prayer that we could find a taxi or some other way to get home safely, and if not that we could walk home without any problems. After she ended the prayer, we slowly start walking to a more busier corner to find a taxi. None in site.

A police officer pulls up on his motorcycle and asks if everything was alright…(I’m sure because it was a weird thing to see two white girls soaking wet standing in the road) After he left a car pulled up. A little boy rolled down the window and his mom in the drivers seat asks us if we were waiting for a taxi. She told us that they werent going to pass there and that she could take us to one. So we got in her car and she ended up taking us home. She was an answer to our prayer. I love her, that kind citizen =) haha She lives in the area of the other sisters in our ward..so hopefully they can find her and teach her. She was an angel that Heavenly Father sent to us last night.

So my thoughts about conference I almost can’t put into words. It was absolutely perfect! Just what we needed to hear. I sure love our dear Prophet who leads and guides us as well as the 12 apostles and other leaders of the church. They are so inspired. I felt like there were a couple different “themes” The first being the Prophet and that he is called by God, then the Family and the importance of parents to raise their children firm, and then using our agency and making decisions.

I sure loved it! God loves us so very much! I too cant wait to get the conference magazine and read and study all these great messages!

Oh and a quick note before I close this weeks email… WE REACHED OUR GOAL!!! We GOT 40 LESSONS!!!!

I sure love you all so much!!!!

Hermana Davies

ps. sorry i wont send pictures today because the computer has a virus. don’t want to risk loosing the pictures again!


What a great weeks its been! We are working hard. This week we almost reached the goal of 40 lessons! …We had 38 ha-ha, but we found 6 new people to teach.

One of which was at church yesterday! It was so great. Her name is Ana Karen. She was a reference from a less active. She is working towards baptism for 8th of October. SO with Daniela, she has been progressing and doing real good…but when yesterday came around we went to her house to go to church together. She wasnt there =(

We called and called and nothing. So after church we went back to find her, but nothing. There is a little problem though with her aunt, she keeps telling Daniela about “the Mormons” and she is giving her anti-Mormon literature. We have been really worried about her. Today we tried calling again and she finally answered. She told us that she went with the dad of her little girl this weekend. Tomorrow we will try to visit her. Every night we pray so hard for her. She really has such a strong desire to follow the example of Christ, but its tough because her aunt. BUT, Everything will be okay!!

We had companionship exchanges this last week with Hermana Treminio!!! It was so fun! It was like we were companions again! =) She is the greatest. It was so cool to see how much she has progressed. She is an amazing missionary!

Well there isn’t too much more to say ha-ha We have been having so much fun. Absolutely loving this transfer together! Like you were saying mom, to be of one heart. Its easy to do with Hermana Stevens. We are putting both our ideas together and have the same purpose and have really been able to see progress and miracles already.

Sure love being a missionary! Its the greatest!

Have a great week my favorites!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Stef