September 6, 2014

You have asked how the weather is here … it RAINS a lot! My shoes can’t handle it anymore ha-ha =) But I love it! In October it should be slowing down and then in November and December it’s chilly.

This past week was really good! Although it was tough to find our investigators. Clismer is still holding strong, going to church and living the gospel as if he were a member. Patricia is doing so as well. But neither one of them will be able to be baptized anytime soon. It is a complication with the papers and legal things for Clismer and Pati, well, her husband wants to get married next year still.

As for Ricardo and his family, we had an appointment with them Friday but Maribel, the mom, wasn’t home and we cant teach men or boys alone. So we were unable to teach them. This week we will be on the hunt to find them. Ricardo, Maribel and Marco Antonio(another son of Maribel) are open to hear the message, but the dad no. We will keep on being persistent there! =)

Today I had my interview with the President! =) It went really well. He asked us to come prepared with a goal to help us improve in our teaching. I was really excited for this. I have started a little book of summaries of the chapters in the Book of Mormon. I have always struggled with understanding what happened and who was who in the BOM and this is really helping me. But also, in each chapter I read I have been able to connect it to the missionary lessons we teach. For example when Nephi said “I will go and do…” it can be connected to Obedience in Lesson 4- The Commandments. It has been really great to do this!

I hope that you all have been good! Things here in Mexico are great! We have transfers in this week thats coming!   I am a little worried. I hope we dont have transfers. We really have enjoyed this last transfer and have learned a lot.

I hope you all have a great week! I love you to the moon and back!!! =)

Hermana Davies


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