I Love Being a Missionary

September 1, 2014

            This week was awesome!!!!! We were working really hard with our investigators. We have 4 with baptismal dates. Fany still for the 22nd…and by the way she had her baby!!! YAY we are going to be visiting them this week to see the cute little girl 🙂 

            We have Ricardo for the 11 of October and Daniela and Arlen for this same day. We have been trying to help them so much so that they can progress and get baptized. They all have been reading in the Book of Mormon…and if not… we went and read with them. Everything was all fine and dandy and we had plan to get all of them and go to church Sunday morning. When Sunday came around…. well to make it short.. no one came with us. 😦 It was so sad. I wanted to cry. But we are still happy 🙂 I am choosing happy. Its the better way.

            This week we have a lot of work to do. To keep taking care of these children of God. To help them make this covenant so important to him.  I feel so happy to be a missionary!!! 🙂 I remember it being such a hard decision for me to actually go. But every week I find more and more reasons for why I am in the place I need to be right now. 

            Thank you so much mom for being mine. Oh and yes. My Spanish is good. Some days its awful and I keep tripping over my tongue…but out of the other American sisters here I have one of the better accents. A lot of Americans have a hard time with the R sounds here, but it flows for me. I am a true Mexican 🙂 

I love you guys to much! I pray for you everyday!! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Stef



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