Fresh of Breath Air

September 22, 2014

(I Think Stef’s english phrase-oligy is rusty.)

What a great week it has been! My new companion is Sister Stevens form Las Vegas…well actually Boulder City.  She is Great! Everyone gets us mixed up ha-ha.  It has been a fresh of breath air (Ha-ha) as I say. (Maybe she is just silly)

This week we worked really hard! And we sure saw miracles.  Our investigator Daniela went to a baptism with us on Saturday night.  It was so neat.  After this brother got baptized she leaned over to me and told me it was really special and that she was excited for her baptism.  Then Sunday she came to church for the first time.  It was perfect: we had a short little lesson with some sisters in the ward and Daniela and the spirit was so strong.  These sisters really helped Daniela to know that this decision she is making is a great one.  I don’t know if I told you guys already, but Daniela is 18 years old and has a little girl who is going to turn 3.  This will really help Daniela in raising her little girls.  They are so much fun!

Hermana Stevens and I really get along great.  From day one it clicked.  We teach really well together.  Its so fun. We have put a lot of good goals to help us in our area.  We had a leadership meeting just barely and learned a lot to help us keep going.  President Brailford, one of the counselors to Pres. Valadez taught a really great lesson about leadership.  He gave us the 6 principles of Leadership.  Talked about how we are the ones to set the example, but if we want to be popular, we can’t be leaders.  IT was really great.  I love all the conferences her in the mission.  We sure do learn a lot and are inspired to keep going strong.

I am really looking forward to these next 5 weeks.  I know we are going to be able to make a difference here.  I love you guys so much! Hope all is well!


Hermana Davies




September 15, 2014

Another 6 weeks has flown by. My companion has transfers. They changed the way they announce the transfers. Sunday night they call us and only say who has to pack their stuff and leave. Sister Santana leaves tomorrow. Its crazy how fast the time went by.

This week we actually weren’t able to work as hard as we wanted. Sister Santana has a problem in her knee and so we had to go to the doctor and then a hospital for some studies and then go back to the hospital for the results. We had quite the adventures this week. ha-ha

Oh but I have some excellent news!! Yesterday we were visiting a family in the ward. Family Muñoz. There whole family was there, and well they have a daughter who is less active, but years ago she served a mission in Utah. She is divorced and has a 10-year daughter. Her daughter hasn’t been baptized yet but wants to so bad! We have our next appointment with her daughter, Fernanda this Thursday. She is the cutest! I will send you pictures of us when I take one ha-ha

SO that’s pretty much all the news for now. Sunday we passed by for our investigators and made plans for members to bring some others and none of them went. We were pretty disappointed because we really thought they were interested.  It’s okay though! That’s what the mission is all about. Keep on searching for these great children of God who are waiting. =)

Next week I will tell you who my new companion is. Its weird to think that tomorrow everything will change all over again. Oh and also, they are going to take the Elders out of the ward and put sisters. These new sisters are going to be living with us until they can find an apartment. This will be an interesting week ha-ha

Love you guys so much!!

Hermana Davies


September 6, 2014

You have asked how the weather is here … it RAINS a lot! My shoes can’t handle it anymore ha-ha =) But I love it! In October it should be slowing down and then in November and December it’s chilly.

This past week was really good! Although it was tough to find our investigators. Clismer is still holding strong, going to church and living the gospel as if he were a member. Patricia is doing so as well. But neither one of them will be able to be baptized anytime soon. It is a complication with the papers and legal things for Clismer and Pati, well, her husband wants to get married next year still.

As for Ricardo and his family, we had an appointment with them Friday but Maribel, the mom, wasn’t home and we cant teach men or boys alone. So we were unable to teach them. This week we will be on the hunt to find them. Ricardo, Maribel and Marco Antonio(another son of Maribel) are open to hear the message, but the dad no. We will keep on being persistent there! =)

Today I had my interview with the President! =) It went really well. He asked us to come prepared with a goal to help us improve in our teaching. I was really excited for this. I have started a little book of summaries of the chapters in the Book of Mormon. I have always struggled with understanding what happened and who was who in the BOM and this is really helping me. But also, in each chapter I read I have been able to connect it to the missionary lessons we teach. For example when Nephi said “I will go and do…” it can be connected to Obedience in Lesson 4- The Commandments. It has been really great to do this!

I hope that you all have been good! Things here in Mexico are great! We have transfers in this week thats coming!   I am a little worried. I hope we dont have transfers. We really have enjoyed this last transfer and have learned a lot.

I hope you all have a great week! I love you to the moon and back!!! =)

Hermana Davies

I Love Being a Missionary

September 1, 2014

            This week was awesome!!!!! We were working really hard with our investigators. We have 4 with baptismal dates. Fany still for the 22nd…and by the way she had her baby!!! YAY we are going to be visiting them this week to see the cute little girl 🙂 

            We have Ricardo for the 11 of October and Daniela and Arlen for this same day. We have been trying to help them so much so that they can progress and get baptized. They all have been reading in the Book of Mormon…and if not… we went and read with them. Everything was all fine and dandy and we had plan to get all of them and go to church Sunday morning. When Sunday came around…. well to make it short.. no one came with us. 😦 It was so sad. I wanted to cry. But we are still happy 🙂 I am choosing happy. Its the better way.

            This week we have a lot of work to do. To keep taking care of these children of God. To help them make this covenant so important to him.  I feel so happy to be a missionary!!! 🙂 I remember it being such a hard decision for me to actually go. But every week I find more and more reasons for why I am in the place I need to be right now. 

            Thank you so much mom for being mine. Oh and yes. My Spanish is good. Some days its awful and I keep tripping over my tongue…but out of the other American sisters here I have one of the better accents. A lot of Americans have a hard time with the R sounds here, but it flows for me. I am a true Mexican 🙂 

I love you guys to much! I pray for you everyday!! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

Love you to the moon and back!

Hermana Stef