The Sun is Shining…well sort of

August 25, 2014

This week was a good one. We had to give another zone training on Friday, and it went really well. Hermana Treminio was there and she wrote me a little note. She is so great. In this note she reminded meof some really important things and it really turned my entire attitude around. This last transfer and a half has been so hard but I don’t know what happened…when I read that card. Something changed inside.

I feel really good. We had a tough week though…none of our investigators were at church yesterday. We passed by the house of one of them..who had a baptismal date…her name is Fany. She is going to have a baby in about 2 weeks. She is 19 years old and not married 😦 but she really has this desire to change things around. Her mom is a member of 1 year and her dad too…but he passed away really soon after he got baptized…like 4 months. Its a sad story, but she really has this desire to make good choices. We will be working really hard with her. She wants to be baptized on her dads birthday, Oct. 22nd. Her brother as well is thinking about getting baptized. His name is Josue. He doesn’t have as much as a desire. We asked him to pray about it so he can be sure it is something he should do in his life. They are a really great family.

Yesterday we found another family. We have been teaching a 20 year old named Marco Antonio and he told us about his little brother Ricardo. We went to go find them and their mom came out. We talked with her for a little bit and asked if we could share a message with her right then. ¨She said YES!¨ (just like in the movie the RM haha) And then during the beginning of the lesson Ricardo walked in and we were able to teach him too. They gave us the reference for the dad of the family and so Saturday we have an appointment with the entire family!! We are very excited!!!!! 🙂

I love you so much Family! What a blessing it is that we have this gospel to guide us. Keep living it! Have a great week in work and more work.
Hermana Stef


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