Great Investigators

August 4, 2014

WOW!!! It is absolutely crazy that we are in August already! Where is the time going? This week we saw some miracles. It was so great! Its been super tough here in this area, but the Lord was hearing my prayers the whole time…just waiting for the right moment.

We found out that one of our investigators Patricia is going to get married to her husband… They live in free union??? uhh I don’t know how to say it in English…but anyways living together but not married. Sunday she told us the news!!! Its perfect because she is so ready to be baptized…it was only this part!! YAY! Maybe hna Santana and I get to go to a wedding here soon!! We still don’t know when but its official =)

Then with another investigator… Clismar, he is illegal here in Mexico… he is from Honduras. He wants to be baptized SO BAD! He is golden. Does everything. He is like a member already. He has been trying to apply for a passport so that he can start his paper to be legal here in Mexico. Thursday he told us that he got his Passport and with that he can start the process for his paper and everything!!!!!!!! Yesterday we also found 2 new investigators…but they were a referral from Clismar…it is his cousin and wife. They are amazing people really looking for something to bring the peace and union in their marriage! They accepted baptismal dates for September 13.

Another new investigator we found this week was also a referral from a member…her boyfriend. He is awesome! He is 19 years old and wants to really change his life. He also accepted a baptism date for August 30th!!! He went to church Sunday! =) Things are looking up and I know it is all because of the Lord and his great love for his Children.

The pictures are so great! Those cute kids make my day! They are all so big! I can’t wait to see pictures from the reunion this week!! =) Have so much fun!!
I love you FOREVER!
Hermana Stef


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