Earthly Fathers are a Blessing

I am so happy to hear that you had the boys with you this past week! haha I loved the pictures. Oh Marc..he is a funny one! =) I love the rodeo! The boys should be cowboys! =)

This week was so much better! The Lord hears our prayers. We had a really had time finding new investigators this week but Saturday we found 4! But then realized that we actually had 2 more because one of the members here in our ward has 2 kids that we thought were only visiting for the week, and we had taught them and the mom thursday..well sunday we found out that they are living here. So its was great! And not only that, but 2 of the 6 new investigators are named Stefanie haha =)

The Hna Santana and I got our hair cut today. Hna santana got a perm haha and it took HOURS. I only had the ends cut off. I still have a hard time trusting anyone else besides Jasmine or Margie. I waited 9 months to cut it.. so I will wait 9 months more for the next time. haha

This week we had companionship exchanges with hna Garcia and her companion hna lybbert. It was fun because hna Garcia and I were companions again!!! =) I finally have an idea of where I am in my area! Thank goodness because this transfer is about up! Only 1 week more! or is it 2. ha i am not sure.

This morning I was reading a talk in the Liahona from july of this year. There was a little talk about hard work. I couldnt help but be so happy when I read that because that is something Dad has taught me. I have a little letter that Dad wrote to me in 2011 for girls camp. I read it this morning and was brought to tears. I am so grateful to have an earthly father as great as mine. He knows the important things in life and has shared his secrets with me. Something Dad wrote me in this letter is that one day I will have the opportunity to share these lessons with my own kids. I hope to be able to do so just a well as he did. But something I am really grateful for is that I decided to be here in the mission during this time, because I am only adding to the great lessons my wonderful parents have taught me. En verdad mi corazón es lleno de amor y gratitud! Yo sé que somos hijos de nuestro Padre Celestial. El nos ama esta es un conocimiento muy grande y puede ayudarnos en cualquier momento. Siempre recuerdan que ÉL TE AMA!


I love you so much my wonderful family and friends!

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Hermana Stef




Ay Ay Ay

Welp it was an interesting week. We are really struggling finding new investigators. That is the real trick to the mission! The key to it all is to keep the excitement and not get discouraged… which is so easily done.

I think that the best thing to start with is humbling ourselves before the Lord. To realize that we cant do anything without him.

This morning I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 112:10-11. It was like a slap in the face. haha I gotta humble myself and love the people! Its been a harder job to do here in Taxqueña.

Yesterday we were teaching a family of less actives about the story of when Nephi went back to Jerusalem with his brothers to get the plates. Nephi had a positive attitude and KNEW the Lord would help him because the Lord doesn’t ask us to do things without HELPING US DO IT!

I need to remember this lesson myself. Sometimes I get feeling a little overwhelmed. But hey! Its all good! The Lord has this all taken care of =)

I love you all so much! I am glad to hear that things are well. That you are getting fruit bottled up. I will be bringing home a bunch of ideas of things to make new recipes with them =)

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all FOREVER!!!
=) Hermana Stef

I Can Do Anything Good

July 7, 2014

So this week I thought a lot about the cute little video that is on you-tube of the little girl who climbs up on the bathroom counter and starts singing a song about the things she loves and the things that she can do good! I don’t remember what its called but I remember that she just kept singing, “I can do anything good, I can do anything good” I love that! I love her good attitude. Its so true. We can do anything good! We are sons and daughters of God and he Loves us. He has given us great gifts and talents that we NEED to use.

This week I had my first companionship exchange as sister training leader. It turned out really well. Something that the President told us is that we need to help these sisters. Go and teach them. Don’t go to supervise…but go to teach and to uplift them. It was a neat experience and I feel like I was able to help this sister! At least I pray that I could.

As for my companion and I, we are trying to strengthen our area. Its struggling quite a bit, but I believe that most everyone areas are. Its tough but with the guidance of the Lord, we can do it!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their 4 of July festivities! How fun that you could all celebrate together for the most part!

I love you are so much! Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. I know that Lord is watching over us all! I hope you all have a great week! Be Safe, Have fun!
I love you forever!!
Hermana Stef



Sister Training Leader

Wow. What a week it has been. I am here in Taxqueña trying to learn the area and all the investigators, less actives and members. Oh and about the pictures last week I lost all my pictures on my memory card because there was a virus on the computer.. but an Elder is working on trying to get them back! I will find out tonight.

This morning I decided to study in Preach my Gospel about Humility. To have humility means that we trust in the Lord and his plan. We accept it without hesitation. We realize that we can NOT do anything without HIS HELP. Yesterday I decided that I need to develop this quality. It has been a hard change for me to be here. I really learned to love my last area and my companion even though it was for a short time. But I am praying to have this trust in the Lord and make happy memories.

So to explain what I am doing as a Sister training leader… it is kind of like a district leader…but only for the sisters. 2 times a week we have exchanges with the sisters in the zones that are close to ours and we evaluate them and help them according to their needs. I hope and pray that I can do what the Lord has called me to do.

I absolutely LOVE the pictures you sent! Those little kids aren’t so little anymore! Growing up so quick!! Everyone looks so good and so happy! =)
I will be sure to take lots of pictures in this week to send you all.

My new companions name is Sister Santana. She is from the Dominican Republic… Ashley, which mission did you serve in? She is from Santiago. She is super nice and I think I will grow to love her as I have my other companions. We live in a nice little apartment here in Taxqueña. We are the only missionaries in our ward. Its unusual. In about all the other wards here in the mission there are at least 2 companionships.

Anyways. That is the news for this week! =) I love and pray for each and every one of you! have a wonderful week and be safe!!
Love you forever,
Hermana Stef