We had a curve ball thrown at us last night. 6 weeks has come and gone yet again. The Elders called us last night to inform us of the transfers. We thought we would be in the clear…but nope. Hermana Garcia will be staying here and another sister is coming to work with her. It is sad! Hermana Garcia and I really got along well and had a lot of fun.

And for me… well I am going to an area called Taxqueña. It is really close to the area where we are now. I will be a Sister Training Leader. I know that great opportunities are ahead and I am excited to face the new adventures and challenges that will come.

When Hermana Garcia found out that I was leaving, she was so sad and just kept say, `no es justo`. Its sad that we weren’t able to be companions for longer time, but we learned a lot from one another and had a lot of cool experiences together. 

This week we went to meet with Angeles and her family, but her mom didn´t have time. It was a bummer, but we taught Angeles a little message from the story of David and Goliath. 

In this past week one of our investigators Javier Hernandez accepted a baptismal date! He is my favorite!! He has gone through so much in his life. Drug and alcohol addictions and has come a long way. He is ready to accept the gospel and we have seen so much progress in his life! I will really miss him. I hope that all works out so that July 19th he can make this covenant with the Lord!

I love the Lord and our Savior so much. I know they love us too. I know God hears our prayers and has such a desire to bless us and help us. This gospel and the teachings of it are the greatest and if we apply them to our lives, we will avoid many pit falls. 

I love you my family and friends so much! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Until next Monday!

Hermana Stef

Sad news I lost my pictures… So no pictures this week. 


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