Hey What’s Your Name?

First off, I hope that Dad had a great fathers day yesterday!! =)

This week was a long one. But it was still so good! All the people we had with baptismal dates no longer have baptismal dates. haha But that’s okay. Its all part of the process.

The Langarica Hernandez family isn’t quite sure what they are going to do because we taught them the law of chastity and told her she needed to marry her husband or not live with him if she wanted to be baptized. That’s a block in the road for her because she doesn’t want to marry him and he doesn’t either… but they are content living together… I just don’t understand sometimes.

We are praying for Alejandra and her kids that they can trust in the Lord and make the right decision for their lives.

Being here and meeting these people has really made me feel so incredibly blessed for the life I have. I have been so blessed to not have to pass through the kinds of trails and challenges that so many of the people have here.

I am really learning a lot and I know that God loves these people so so so much and has such a desire to help them, but he is waiting for them to ask.

When Alma and his people were being persecuted by Amulon and where passing through many problems because of what Amulon was trying to do to them, it says in Mosiah 24:12 that Alma and his people poured out their hearts to God and he understood the thoughts of their hearts. Alma and these people had to act first before Heavenly Father was going to come to their aid. After that it says to God told them that he would relieve their burdens and they could know that God does visit his children in afflictions. I love that story.

I hope that each and everyone of you remember this story and that our Heavenly Father love you so much. He will help you but you have to ask him first!

Have a great week =)

until the next one

Hermana Stef


A little girl we are teaching. Her name is Angeles. She found us one days in the park. She randomly yelled over to me: HEY WHATS YOUR NAME. And that’s how we met little Angeles haha She loves singing the hymns. We met her mom the other day and have an appointment with her this Thursday!



We had a conference with /elder Daniel Johnson of the 70. His wife is so cute! She is from Sugar City, Idaho. 



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