No Water But Still Happy

So let me give you the run down of our week. We found out that our water heater didn’t work and then right after, we tried turning on the water and we had none. Haha… so I guess it didn’t matter. I couldn’t go to bed with a dirty face so we stuck a bucket outside and collected rain water and heated it up and I could go to bed with a clean face. It was great… well sort of. I burned my face and hand because the water was too hot! And so it has been like that every day of the week. WE have water now but hardly any pressure. We take showers with buckets of water haha. I love all these experiences. They are fantastic =) 


My companion is so funny! We had to report to the elders about our day and she straight up tells him that it was a bad day because we had no water, our water heater didn’t work and we were soaking wet. (Its been raining A LOT every night the past week) hahaha. Anyways. It was a crazy and fun week!


We had a family night with the Langarica Hernandez family in the home of some members and it was excellent! Its really amazing to see the ward members here really open up and have this desire to help these people. We really had a lot of fun with them. I love this family of investigators… and the member family… but the Langarica Family is great! They have 3 kids, Alexa, Evan, and Stefanie. They are so much fun. They really have a desire to learn more about the gospel and are willing to make these changes in their lives for the better. It is amazing what the spirit can teach these people. That’s the best way to teach… with the spirit. The people aren’t going to listen to us, but they will the spirit. It will talk to them from the inside… in their heart where we cannot reach. 


I love you all so much and am happy to know that you are all well!!

Until next week!

Hermana Stef






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