We are Still Smiling!

This week has been a good one! Today we ran out of water and are just about out of food! But not all is lost =) We are still smiling! Its been an adventure to be here but I am learning to love it! Right now we have been living all 4 of us together, but Hermana Garcia and I found a cute little apartement… and we will be moving this weekend. It will be weird to not be with the other sisters, but it will be better so that we can stay more focused haha =) Our new house is new. Its above a dance studio…so lets hope we get some sleep ha I will send picture next week when I take them 

This last week we got a reference for a 15 year old boy from a family here in the ward. The boys name is Jordan Adeath. HE IS AWESOME! The first time we taught him we asked him what he thought about the things we just finished teaching him about ( the restoration) He said ” I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that is can help us be on the path with God and Christ to make it back with them one day” I was blown away when he said that! He is such a good kid. He has problems at home…but I know the gospel will help him so much! He accepted a baptismal date and is willing to prepare for it! We are very excited and thankful that God is putting these wonderful people in our path.

It is so neat to be able to meet so many difference kinds of people. Its not anything I would ever trade for in the world. There isn’t enough time to meet them all!! We have a lot of great people in the ward who are willing to help us with the work. It is so much more effective when members do this work with us. When they are in the lessons they make all the difference! These people not only can see how the gospel has helped our lives as missionaries…but also they can see it from the members lives.

It is so amazing to be a missionary! I am so grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has blessed me with!

Have a great week!! =)

Remember that I love you all Forever and that Heavenly Father loves you more

Hermana Stef =)







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