One Long Night

Wow. How wonderful it was to talk to you both on Saturday! It made my day! =) 

Last night was a tough one. We waited anxiously for the Elders to call and tell us the news and FINALLY they called. I am leaving Tlalpan and I am so sad. All that Hermana Treminio have been able to do is cry. We have been crying all morning and cried all night. We couldn’t sleep either. We only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. It will be a tough change.

Hermana Treminio is going to stay here and train a new missionary! I am so proud of her! She will do amazing! I am leaving to an area called Educación. My companion will be Hermana Garcia… not my first companion but another one haha. I dont know her very well but she is an older lady.

I am actually really scared to leave but I am trusting in the Lord on this one. I think my mission motto is TRUST IN THE LORD… Rachel gave my a journal with that little motto on the front and I have adopted it to be mine. 

I am so happy that the Bishop did the special surprise for the missionary moms! I was so excited when Sister Andrews emailed me and told me about it. Mom you really are the greatest ever! You have helped me become the person I am today. You have showed me how a true daughter of God is!

I love you Mom and Dad so much! More than you will ever know. I receive such great strength from you guys! Thank you for your strong testimonies and raising our family in the teachings of the Gospel. 

I hope that you all have a great week! I will be excited to tell you how things go this next week!!

I love you forever!

Hermana Stef


Hermana Koyle from Kuna















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