We are Still Smiling!

This week has been a good one! Today we ran out of water and are just about out of food! But not all is lost =) We are still smiling! Its been an adventure to be here but I am learning to love it! Right now we have been living all 4 of us together, but Hermana Garcia and I found a cute little apartement… and we will be moving this weekend. It will be weird to not be with the other sisters, but it will be better so that we can stay more focused haha =) Our new house is new. Its above a dance studio…so lets hope we get some sleep ha I will send picture next week when I take them 

This last week we got a reference for a 15 year old boy from a family here in the ward. The boys name is Jordan Adeath. HE IS AWESOME! The first time we taught him we asked him what he thought about the things we just finished teaching him about ( the restoration) He said ” I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that is can help us be on the path with God and Christ to make it back with them one day” I was blown away when he said that! He is such a good kid. He has problems at home…but I know the gospel will help him so much! He accepted a baptismal date and is willing to prepare for it! We are very excited and thankful that God is putting these wonderful people in our path.

It is so neat to be able to meet so many difference kinds of people. Its not anything I would ever trade for in the world. There isn’t enough time to meet them all!! We have a lot of great people in the ward who are willing to help us with the work. It is so much more effective when members do this work with us. When they are in the lessons they make all the difference! These people not only can see how the gospel has helped our lives as missionaries…but also they can see it from the members lives.

It is so amazing to be a missionary! I am so grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has blessed me with!

Have a great week!! =)

Remember that I love you all Forever and that Heavenly Father loves you more

Hermana Stef =)







Week ONE is Educación

Well my family, week one down in Educacion!

It is a really nice area here! Well at least in the area Hermana Garcia and I are in…it is nice! …I would prefer not nice. It’s so hard to have lessons during the day here because EVERYONE works and so from about 11 to 6pm it’s hard to find anyone. But in the nights we usually can find people home. 

Hermana Garcia and I get along really well!! She is really quiet, but she is so sweet! We are having fun even though it’s tough to find people here! 

Yesterday we were in a lesson with an investigator his name is Juan Jose Aguirre. He doesn’t want to change religions so we won’t really be visiting him too much but I really learned a big lesson from him. He is about 75 years old or something like that. He doesn’t have a leg, and has no movement from the waist down. He was telling us about his “story” When he was 70 years old he was walking down the street when a big truck and trailer passed by. Something on this truck caught the cables above head and brought down the cable pole. This pole ended up smacking into him and sent him flying across the street. He broke his back, legs, face, and his stomach exploded. He said when he woke up, he was in the hospital and his son told him what had happened. The doctors gave him his options to do something’s with his right legs because it was real bad. He said he didn’t want to deal with doctor visits every year and have to go through pain again and again, so he just told them to cut it off… and so they did. 

The lesson I learned though was what he said after all that. He said that he is happy. He said what happened and that is the plan that God had for him. He said why question the things that happen to us in our lives, why complain. It doesn’t change or help anything. That hit me real deep. I was really sad to leave Tlalpan and all the people I grew to love and the sisters. But its part of this plan. I know leaving an area in a mission is nothing compared to loosing a leg and being able to walk and do things like normal. But that is why it really touched me. This man has such faith and trust in the Lord. I left that lesson crying. I was so touched that he could be so positive and so HAPPY! I love that he chose to be happy and in every day still continues to do so. That is what I am trying to do! CHOOSE HAPPY! There is no better way to do it =)

I love you all so much and am thankful your mine!

Until next Monday,


Hermana Stef =)





One Long Night

Wow. How wonderful it was to talk to you both on Saturday! It made my day! =) 

Last night was a tough one. We waited anxiously for the Elders to call and tell us the news and FINALLY they called. I am leaving Tlalpan and I am so sad. All that Hermana Treminio have been able to do is cry. We have been crying all morning and cried all night. We couldn’t sleep either. We only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. It will be a tough change.

Hermana Treminio is going to stay here and train a new missionary! I am so proud of her! She will do amazing! I am leaving to an area called Educación. My companion will be Hermana Garcia… not my first companion but another one haha. I dont know her very well but she is an older lady.

I am actually really scared to leave but I am trusting in the Lord on this one. I think my mission motto is TRUST IN THE LORD… Rachel gave my a journal with that little motto on the front and I have adopted it to be mine. 

I am so happy that the Bishop did the special surprise for the missionary moms! I was so excited when Sister Andrews emailed me and told me about it. Mom you really are the greatest ever! You have helped me become the person I am today. You have showed me how a true daughter of God is!

I love you Mom and Dad so much! More than you will ever know. I receive such great strength from you guys! Thank you for your strong testimonies and raising our family in the teachings of the Gospel. 

I hope that you all have a great week! I will be excited to tell you how things go this next week!!

I love you forever!

Hermana Stef


Hermana Koyle from Kuna














Week 12

Wow! We are on week 12! This is it for the Hermana Treminio and I. Transfers are next monday! I am nervous all over again! I have a feeling that I will be leaving Tlalpan because by then I will have been here for 6 months. It is crazy to think that! I still remember my first sunday here. There were about 20 people in sacrament meeting.. It has been amazing to see the ward grow and now we have about 60ish people every week! My eyes are open to the miracles that the Lord still performs!

Last Friday we contacted a guy in the street. His name is Eddy Cano. He was talking to us in English haha he said he had lived in Californio and Iowa for some years. But it was really awesome to talk to him and hear how much he wanted to have a change in his life. We wrote down his address and invited him to church Sunday. Just a few minutes after the meeting started in walked Eddy and his friend. I was so happy and I knew that the Lord had heard our prayers. We still haven’t even taught him yet but he already went to church! We have our first appointment with him Wednesday!

I love being a missionary and being able to be one of those weirdos who talks to strangers! Its so amazing to feel the help of the Lord in every day! I pray for you by name every night! I love each and everyone of you guys and thank you so much for the prayers and support!

I hope that you all have an awesome week!!!!

I love you Forever,

Hermana Stef