Wow What a Week

Wow! Can I just tell you all about my week? It was a real great one!

        Tuesday I saw my amazing wonderful friend Nicole from Nampa!! That was so weird but so awesome to see a familiar face! I just love her so much!!

        Then last Saturday we had the baptism! Everything was so perfect because Elizabeth got baptized and the spirit was so strong and it was so wonderful!  I really have learned so much about the love of the Lord for his children as I have been here. It has been so amazing to feel such gigantic love for someone that I have only known for such a short time. Elizabeth is someone I will never forget nor could I. She is so happy and I am so happy for her! She is an amazing disciple of Christ. 

         This week we have a lot of work ahead of us to find more people to teach. We have quite a few investigators, but none of them are progressing and have much of a desire too. So that is what we will be working on and putting our Faith in the Lord that He will lead us to those that are prepared.

            I love this work of the Lord! It sure is hard but it is so amazing to be a part of it. I feel so blessed and so loved to be able to be here serving my Savior in Mexico. 

            I am so happy to hear that Blake is going on a Mission! He will be a great missionary!!! =)

            I hope that you all have had a great week and are all doing great!! =)

Until next week,

Hermana Stef





 Nicole from Nampa Visited Hermana Stef, while she was in Mexico City visiting her parents.  Nicole brought Stef her Birthday packages from her family and friends. 






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