Working in D. F.

          I hope that all is well with everyone. Sounds like everyone had a pretty crazy week last week! I can’t believe that Amy and Reed are gone! But that will be so good. Many more opportunities will open up and the Lord will be with them to guide them in this time! =) 

          So when new missionaries come into the mission there is a 12 week training program that we have to do. I have been training Hermana Treminio in hers… but this week we are on week 8! It is so weird how fast the time went. We only have 5 more weeks! 

          This week was a good one. It was different though! We are now 6 sister missionaries in our ward. It is so wonderful! =) The Lords work is coming forth and we are part of it!!! It is hard to work with so many sisters in such a small area!! But it’s amazing! The Lord helps us everyday! 

          Elizabeth is still doing so wonderfully! She has her baptismal interview this Thursday! But she has been in some tough situations in her life and will be interviewing with Elder Villanueva… he and his wife are like the vice presidents in our mission. Everything will work out just great for Elizabeth though! I just know it! She has such a humble heart and wants to please the Lord. It’s so cute, she takes her book of Mormon and teachings of the gospel book to work to read during the day! I love her! 

          The Hermana Treminio and I are striving to find more people to teach. With two more sisters in our area we had to change things a little bit and had to give 4 of our investigators to the other hermanas. But it is okay! =) We are loving all the changes and feeling the help of our Father in Heaven every day!

          Oh D.F. stands for distrito federal =) which is just another name for Mexico City! But its just faster to say. 

          I cant wait to let you know how things go this week and if Elizabeth is able to be baptized this saturday! Thank you for your prayers for her! =) 


          I love you forever!! =)

          Hermana Stef





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