Working in the Rain

To All My Favorite People in the World,

I got great news to tell! Elizabeth is progressing and has been to church every Sunday for the last month. She is getting baptized on April 12th but first needs to have a interview with the President. We are praying that everything goes well for her and trusting in the Lord!! =) We found out those transfers last night. Hermana Alvarez is going to another area, but the Hermana Treminio and I will be staying here in Tlalpan for another transfer! I am so happy!! This will be our first normal weeks together. 

Wow! Amy and Reed are really going. That makes me sad too and I am not even there! But I know that they are making the best decisions for there family. That is the best part about having the help of the Lord in our decision making.. even though it is something hard, we know and trust the Lord to guide us! 

So on Friday we have a Noche de Hogar with our ward and it turned out to be really fun!! This was the first activity the ward had had for about 8 months of more! It was fun! We played games and got to know the members more. Then we shared a short spiritual message to boost the spirits =) 

Last Tuesday we ate something called mole, but it really stains the clothes when you get in on them. For some reason my shirts are always hungry too, so the Hermana Blanca gave me an apron to help. I thought it was cute, so we photographed the moment. 

Well I am glad to know that all is well with everyone! Things are great here in the D.F. =) I am loving this time that I have to serve my Heavenly Father and his children. Have a wonderful week!

Love you forever,

Hermana Stef


Picture of us talking to people in the street on a rainy afternoon…



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