A Happy Mexican Birthday

My Sweet Family and Friends!

Thank you so much for all your happy birthday wishes!! I sure love you guys!! I really had a great day! The other sisters in our ward had a baptism and it was so spiritual! An awesome way to spend the afternoon! Then the family we were eating with bought me cake and we just had some fun! Later that night another family had all the sisters come over to celebrate it again! It was a fun birthday in Mexico! =)

So this week we found some new people to teach…only 3, but we found them! One of them is name Jaime Aguilar! He is awesome! About 40 years old…but really great! He has such a desire to learn and to read the book of Mormon! I think it is the coolest to be able to be a part of these changes in people lives!

This week Hermana Treminio and I have been studying in the Bible. I love it! I love reading about all these parables that the savior taught to the people! They are so powerful. I love the bible! I wish that I had tried reading and studying it more before. But its not too late to start!! 

I love you all so much and hope that everyone is doing good! I love hearing about all the things going on at home! I hope that everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! I sure love it here haha =)

Talk to you next week!

Hermana Stef




They smooshed my face in the the cake!



Earth Shakes

We had an earthquake… the first one I’ve ever felt! It was awesome! =) but only because nothing happened and no one got hurt. It shook us for about a minute and a half or so.

Tuesday I got sick and so we didn’t work…but it didn’t last long! Wednesday we were back at it!

This week was Semana Santa (Holy Week) and it was so hard to find anyone! But we have made lots of plans to be working harder and finding more in this week!

So a short funny story… This morning I was so tired!! I was saying the morning companionship prayer and I fell asleep for about 30 seconds…and then started laughing in my prayer when I realized that I had fallen asleep! It was so funny =)

This week we have been working a lot with Preach my Gospel and sharing messages with the member from it. There was a talk in General Conference talking about how we should be using PMG more with the members and as missionaries, we should tell our families what we are learning in it. Well, to follow up with this instruction, =) I am learning ALOT from preach my gospel. It is a great book with EVERYTHING you’d ever need to be a missionary. This week we had been studying in chapter 13 and how to work with the church leaders more. This is something that has been really hard for us in our ward. The members are just now starting to have a tiny excitement for the work.

We are 6 sister missionaries for 1 ward… so they gotta get some animation haha =) Anyways… I know that it is so important to be willing as members to serve with the missionaries because just like President David O Mckay said, every member a missionary! =) We are all in the same service. The service to the Lord!! =) Lets serve him with all our hearts.

My district leader shared a great story with us about the king Benjamin in Mosiah 2:21-22 and his attitude to serve and the blessing we will get when we do so and obediently. I loved it. Then later in the night he sent us another scripture Doctrine and Covenants 64:33. We really are laying the foundation here in the ward Tlalpan and one day we will see even more progress =)

I love you all so very much! Thank you all for your prayers for me and the people here in Mexico!

=) until next week,

Hermana Stef


Senior Stef

Wow What a Week

Wow! Can I just tell you all about my week? It was a real great one!

        Tuesday I saw my amazing wonderful friend Nicole from Nampa!! That was so weird but so awesome to see a familiar face! I just love her so much!!

        Then last Saturday we had the baptism! Everything was so perfect because Elizabeth got baptized and the spirit was so strong and it was so wonderful!  I really have learned so much about the love of the Lord for his children as I have been here. It has been so amazing to feel such gigantic love for someone that I have only known for such a short time. Elizabeth is someone I will never forget nor could I. She is so happy and I am so happy for her! She is an amazing disciple of Christ. 

         This week we have a lot of work ahead of us to find more people to teach. We have quite a few investigators, but none of them are progressing and have much of a desire too. So that is what we will be working on and putting our Faith in the Lord that He will lead us to those that are prepared.

            I love this work of the Lord! It sure is hard but it is so amazing to be a part of it. I feel so blessed and so loved to be able to be here serving my Savior in Mexico. 

            I am so happy to hear that Blake is going on a Mission! He will be a great missionary!!! =)

            I hope that you all have had a great week and are all doing great!! =)

Until next week,

Hermana Stef





 Nicole from Nampa Visited Hermana Stef, while she was in Mexico City visiting her parents.  Nicole brought Stef her Birthday packages from her family and friends. 





Working in D. F.

          I hope that all is well with everyone. Sounds like everyone had a pretty crazy week last week! I can’t believe that Amy and Reed are gone! But that will be so good. Many more opportunities will open up and the Lord will be with them to guide them in this time! =) 

          So when new missionaries come into the mission there is a 12 week training program that we have to do. I have been training Hermana Treminio in hers… but this week we are on week 8! It is so weird how fast the time went. We only have 5 more weeks! 

          This week was a good one. It was different though! We are now 6 sister missionaries in our ward. It is so wonderful! =) The Lords work is coming forth and we are part of it!!! It is hard to work with so many sisters in such a small area!! But it’s amazing! The Lord helps us everyday! 

          Elizabeth is still doing so wonderfully! She has her baptismal interview this Thursday! But she has been in some tough situations in her life and will be interviewing with Elder Villanueva… he and his wife are like the vice presidents in our mission. Everything will work out just great for Elizabeth though! I just know it! She has such a humble heart and wants to please the Lord. It’s so cute, she takes her book of Mormon and teachings of the gospel book to work to read during the day! I love her! 

          The Hermana Treminio and I are striving to find more people to teach. With two more sisters in our area we had to change things a little bit and had to give 4 of our investigators to the other hermanas. But it is okay! =) We are loving all the changes and feeling the help of our Father in Heaven every day!

          Oh D.F. stands for distrito federal =) which is just another name for Mexico City! But its just faster to say. 

          I cant wait to let you know how things go this week and if Elizabeth is able to be baptized this saturday! Thank you for your prayers for her! =) 


          I love you forever!! =)

          Hermana Stef




Working in the Rain

To All My Favorite People in the World,

I got great news to tell! Elizabeth is progressing and has been to church every Sunday for the last month. She is getting baptized on April 12th but first needs to have a interview with the President. We are praying that everything goes well for her and trusting in the Lord!! =) We found out those transfers last night. Hermana Alvarez is going to another area, but the Hermana Treminio and I will be staying here in Tlalpan for another transfer! I am so happy!! This will be our first normal weeks together. 

Wow! Amy and Reed are really going. That makes me sad too and I am not even there! But I know that they are making the best decisions for there family. That is the best part about having the help of the Lord in our decision making.. even though it is something hard, we know and trust the Lord to guide us! 

So on Friday we have a Noche de Hogar with our ward and it turned out to be really fun!! This was the first activity the ward had had for about 8 months of more! It was fun! We played games and got to know the members more. Then we shared a short spiritual message to boost the spirits =) 

Last Tuesday we ate something called mole, but it really stains the clothes when you get in on them. For some reason my shirts are always hungry too, so the Hermana Blanca gave me an apron to help. I thought it was cute, so we photographed the moment. 

Well I am glad to know that all is well with everyone! Things are great here in the D.F. =) I am loving this time that I have to serve my Heavenly Father and his children. Have a wonderful week!

Love you forever,

Hermana Stef


Picture of us talking to people in the street on a rainy afternoon…


The Miracle of Love

March 24, 2014

This week was a really good one!! Elizabeth is wonderful! She is progressing so much! I get all teary-eyed thinking about it! It really is a blessing to be a part in the helping of a child of God come into his fold. I love Elizabeth so much. I love that I have this love for the people here. It isn’t mine, its the Lords. Its so cool to be able to not even know a person but walk into their house and feel this. Elizabeth is going to be getting baptized on April 12! We are all looking forward to this day!! This morning as I was studying a scripture came to my mind as I was thinking about the fact that we are all children of God and that He has a deep desire for all of us to return to him again one day. As a missionary for Him, I have this opportunity to help Him in this work, of bringing to remembrance the truths to his Children. In Doctrine and Covenants 18:10,15-18

“Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. And if it so be that you should labor all of your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall your joy be with him in the kingdom of my Father…If your joy will be great with one soul… how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me. You have my Gospel.. Ask…believing that you shall receive and you shall have the Holy Ghost…”

I love this! We are all important souls to God. Everyone of us. To those of us who have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our life’s, we have the opportunity to SHARE it with others…so that they too can know of the immense love God has for them and that he has a plan more special than anything they could imagine. I am so happy that I have to opportunity to help Elizabeth remember these things, and that she is making the decision to receive these blessings from her Father in Heaven.

I love you all so so, so much…in fact, FOREVER! I pray for you everyday and know that the Lord is with you. I am seeing those little miracles of the mission in all the days. I feel so blessed to be here! Miss you more than you´ll know, but we will see each other very soon!

=) Hermana Stef

 Oh and here is a scripture that I want to have you look up =) Doctrine and Covenants 112:10-11