Estamos en la Obra de Salvacion

Another week has come and gone so quickly! I cant believe how fast the time is flying by. In just 13 days I will have 5 months in the mission. That is crazy. 

So I have some great news! The Brother Aguilar is still progressing as well as the sweet blind lady we are teaching, Sister Ilda Gonzalez. They both came to church yesterday. Brother Aguilar actually went to the other ward because he thought our church started at 9 AM. But what was cool is that he went and stayed for all 3 hours at this ward even though my companion and I weren’t there. After sacrament meeting we saw him outside and went to ask him where he was, and that is when he told us he had been there all morning. It was cool.

Sister Gonzalez is so so sweet! I have such a great love for her. She has such a strong desire to be baptized but he husband doesn’t like Mormons and so we cant ever visit he when he is home. We are praying for her and that she will be able to make these covenant with the Lord and experience those blessing he has for her.

The Lord is so great and in everyday I can see his hand in my life. Each day I can and want to keep on going because of Him and our Savior. 

We are in the Work of Salvation. Literally, this message and covenants saves our souls and makes it possible that one day we can live in a state of never-ending happiness. I want that! I want to be happy forever with your guys! 

I love that I can share this wonderful news with Gods children here in Tlalpan, Distrito Federal.

Have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Stef






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