Wow What a Week

            It’s been a crazy week! I can see the hand of the Lord though, in every day. Our new companion is a great missionary and I really enjoy having her with us. It won’t be for too much longer though, only until the transfers at the end of this month.

            Time is going so quickly. I am so grateful to be here in Mexico. Although the days are hard sometimes and our appointments fall through and we cant find people to teach sometimes, or the people straight up ignore us when we are talking to them… in spite of these things I am grateful because I love my Father in Heaven for giving me the chance to be here in this time and especially in this area. I have learned so much and I continue to everyday. 

            I have met some of the most humble and sweet people in the world, but also some of the other type too. We haven’t been able to see Ilda for more than a week and I am really worried about her. She really has a special place in my heart and I pray that all will be okay for her. She has been really sick and her husband is an angry person. We are going to try to visit her on Wednesday. I hope that we will be able to help her and keep watering the seed that has been planted. I am really starting to understand that sometimes all we can do is have this patience and keep watering those seeds of faith in the hearts of people. It is all in the timing of the Lord and we have to respect that. 

            We have another investigator whose name is Elizabeth Del Rio and she is Buenísima. She has a baptism date for 12 de Abril. She knows so much and has such a desire to do what’s right. She wants to have an eternal family and be sealed for time and all eternity with her husband. Yesterday she was at church with us and it is just so wonderful.

            I am so excited for Maranda’s Wedding, what a wonderful next step in her life! I am really sad that I can’t be there and I am trying not to think about it because when I do, I start crying.     I love you my family and friends!! Thank you for the support and prayers.

You’re the BEST!

            =) Hermana Stef  



Unexpected Surprise

Well its been a good week!! As a mission we have a goal that each week we should teach 40 to 60 lessons. This week my companion and I worked hard and got 37. We were only 3 short. This week we are going to try again. The Lord will bless us in our efforts!

Yesterday Ilda wasn’t at church. We tried calling her Saturday night and her husband answered and immediately when he heard my voice, hung up the phone. We tried again Sunday morning and still couldn’t reach her. We are praying for her safety and that she is okay. Also we found out yesterday that Juan Aguilar is actually a member, but inactive and so he is no longer one of our investigators. His story is confusing. The whole time I have known him I knew that he had been baptized before, but the bishop of our ward told us that Juan had never been confirmed so we needed to reteach him and baptize him again. Then all the sudden yesterday they told us that he had been. So at least we were able to reactivate him! 

Last night we got a unexpected phone call from the assistants to the president. They told us we were having special transfers. There is another sister that is going to be joining Sister Treminio and myself. We will be working in a trio. I am praying for help! I will be the Senior companion and still be training Sister Treminio, but this sister, Sister Alvarez will be working with us. She has more time in the mission as I do. I trust the Lords plan.

It will be interesting to see what else the Lord has planned for us and I am counting on him to show me how to do it. Everything is possible with the Lord. I love this knowledge.

I love you all so much! Thank you, every single one of you for your prayers in my behave as well as for our investigators. 

I pray for you all and am so happy to hear all is well!! =)

Love you forever

Hermana Stef







Estamos en la Obra de Salvacion

Another week has come and gone so quickly! I cant believe how fast the time is flying by. In just 13 days I will have 5 months in the mission. That is crazy. 

So I have some great news! The Brother Aguilar is still progressing as well as the sweet blind lady we are teaching, Sister Ilda Gonzalez. They both came to church yesterday. Brother Aguilar actually went to the other ward because he thought our church started at 9 AM. But what was cool is that he went and stayed for all 3 hours at this ward even though my companion and I weren’t there. After sacrament meeting we saw him outside and went to ask him where he was, and that is when he told us he had been there all morning. It was cool.

Sister Gonzalez is so so sweet! I have such a great love for her. She has such a strong desire to be baptized but he husband doesn’t like Mormons and so we cant ever visit he when he is home. We are praying for her and that she will be able to make these covenant with the Lord and experience those blessing he has for her.

The Lord is so great and in everyday I can see his hand in my life. Each day I can and want to keep on going because of Him and our Savior. 

We are in the Work of Salvation. Literally, this message and covenants saves our souls and makes it possible that one day we can live in a state of never-ending happiness. I want that! I want to be happy forever with your guys! 

I love that I can share this wonderful news with Gods children here in Tlalpan, Distrito Federal.

Have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Stef