The Armies of Helaman

       This last week during my scripture study I was reading in Alma 53-56 about the 2,000 Stripling Warriors. What great examples they are to us. But I love the part of the story that when it came time for them to fight, they were not scared, they did not doubt, because they knew what their mothers had taught them to be true. 

       What an awesome story. I couldn´t help but think of my wonderful parents when I read that. I know that what you both have taught me growing up to be true. The Lord is on our side and will deliver us.

       I also remembered the word ´ BRAVERY ´ Those sons of Helaman had much of it. Just as you both would tell me everytime I would have to stay the week at someones house while you were at girls camp, mom and at work, dad. Bravery. What a great a powerful word. That is something that I have been working on. Being brave. Just as the Armies of Helaman. The best part about the mission is that I can be brave but with an extra power behind it. The power of the Holy Ghost. I can be brave and not alone. We all have ability to have the Spirit of the Lord with us, to guide us and help us do the things we have to do. How wonderful! I love this Gospel so much!

       So yesterday we had one of our new investigators, Ilda, come to church with us. She is pretty great. She is blind and has other health issues, but has such great faith in the Lord. We are going to be working with her to help her come into the fold of Christ.

        We also had another investigator in sacrament meeting yesterday as well…Octavio….and he was drunk. haha I actually thought it was pretty cool that He could think to go to church with a not clear mind. Yeah, we will be working to help him and his family as well. He has a really strong addiction to alcohol, so it wont be easy, but with the Lord, it is possible. 

       I love you all so much!! Thank you for the pictures you sent of the kids. They are getting so big! I miss you guys more than you´ll know but am so happy to hear that everyone is well!!

Love you to the moon and back and forever


Until next Monday,

Hermana Stef

This picture is of all the sisters in our mission last Tuesday we had a meeting with all of us!





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