Con Dios Nada es Imposible

What a week it has been! I am so happy! My companion is so great! Her name is Sister Treminio for San Bernadino California. She already speaks spanish so she will be a help for me to learn better. We set a goal to only speak english when we are in the house. Sometimes it is so tempting to just talk english. It was a really good week! We had a lot of meetings to go to for my companion so not too much time in our area. This week will be better!

Last saturday we had a really neat experience. Wehave been trying to contact in the street as much as possible to find new investigators. We were in an apartment complex trying to visit one of our investigators, but she was home so we decided we would walk around and contact people there. WE said a prayer and started walking. We past by this lady walking really fast. I looked at my companion and asked her if she wanted to turn around and contact her. She said yes so we started following her. But this lady was walking so fast and we couldnt catch up to her. In this chase down, we passed by some people moving into an apartment and I stopped and asked them if they needed help and they said yes. We had the chance to talk to this man and his daughter. The daughter accepted an appointment back to talk to her more about the Gospel of Christ. It was a good experience and I am so glad that we were following the promptings of the spirit. 

Yesterday we also had one of our old investigators come to church with us. His name is Juan. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 29th of March. We are going to be helping him and visiting him a lot so that he can be ready for this day! 

Our hopes are high. We have a lot to do, WIth God, nothing is impossible.

I love you all so much! Never forget that our Father in Heaven loves us and guides us as long as we pray and ask him to!

Have a great week, I love you all forever!

Hermana Stef








Wow…This week has been a crazy one. We had transfers today. I will be staying here in the area of Tlalpan to train another American.  I will get to meet her tomorrow. As for now, I will be putting all my trust in the Lord so that I can continue on in the wonderful work. I know that the Lord has a plan!

We have a lot of investigators to work with and I have high hopes that things will be progressing a lot in the area. This letter will be a short one because with all the changes, we didn´t have much time. But next week, I am sure I will have a lot more to say!

I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited for these changes!! Tomorrow I might have a chance to get back on and write a little when my companion does. I have to go now. Short time today…not the full hour. I love you guys SO MUCH!! and I know the Savior and Heavenly Father love you more!

Your Hermana Stef


I just wanted to tell you that things are great! My companion is Sister Triminio and is from San Bernadino California. We are going to have a great time. She already knows Spanish. Her parents are from El Salvador. But she also knows English. So i can talk to her in English when I want. haha

Until next monday!

=) your Hermana Stef.



Elder Oaks

Well this past week was a long one. My companion was sick and we didn´t hardly work. I like working haha It was rough to be in the apartment most the time.

This weekend was a good one though! Our mission and one other mission had the opportunity to meet with Elder Oaks on Saturday. He talked about the importance of talking to everyone! It is so true because there are so many people and if we dont have the courage to talk to them, no one is going to hear of the gospel. I got to sing in the choir for him as well and I think it turned out pretty good. There are a lot of people who are tone deaf though so a couple of the notes were painful to hear haha But it turned out great because the spirit sang it louder than the off pitch voices.

Then on Sunday Elder Oaks visited the Stake that I am in, so I got to hear from him again. He talked about the importance of the Sacrament and partaking of it every week of our entire lives. It is such a blessing for us to have this opportunity.

Elder Oaks in the meeting with the missionaries gave a wonderful blessing to everyone of our families. It comforted my heart to hear an Apostle of the Lord bless you guys. I know that this work is hard for me right now but because I am trying in every day to do it, we all will be able to see these blessings whether it be right now for you guys and later for me or vice versa. Its a great blessing no matter what. 

I love you all so much and am glad to hear you are all doing well and safe.

Oh and I have a couple thank you´s for you to pass along. To Layne and Cherene for the Christmas package, as well as Aunt Barb and Uncle Mike for their christmas package. and lastly to the ward. I keep forgetting to tell you these things. 

Also just so you all know, I remember every one of your birthdays! I write them in my planner, but every monday I forget to wish you all happy wishes. So for Dad, Justin, Amy, David, Shon, and Emma on the 19th… Happy Birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love you all and more importantly, the Lord loves you all unconditionally!

Hermana Stef

until next week!


The Armies of Helaman

       This last week during my scripture study I was reading in Alma 53-56 about the 2,000 Stripling Warriors. What great examples they are to us. But I love the part of the story that when it came time for them to fight, they were not scared, they did not doubt, because they knew what their mothers had taught them to be true. 

       What an awesome story. I couldn´t help but think of my wonderful parents when I read that. I know that what you both have taught me growing up to be true. The Lord is on our side and will deliver us.

       I also remembered the word ´ BRAVERY ´ Those sons of Helaman had much of it. Just as you both would tell me everytime I would have to stay the week at someones house while you were at girls camp, mom and at work, dad. Bravery. What a great a powerful word. That is something that I have been working on. Being brave. Just as the Armies of Helaman. The best part about the mission is that I can be brave but with an extra power behind it. The power of the Holy Ghost. I can be brave and not alone. We all have ability to have the Spirit of the Lord with us, to guide us and help us do the things we have to do. How wonderful! I love this Gospel so much!

       So yesterday we had one of our new investigators, Ilda, come to church with us. She is pretty great. She is blind and has other health issues, but has such great faith in the Lord. We are going to be working with her to help her come into the fold of Christ.

        We also had another investigator in sacrament meeting yesterday as well…Octavio….and he was drunk. haha I actually thought it was pretty cool that He could think to go to church with a not clear mind. Yeah, we will be working to help him and his family as well. He has a really strong addiction to alcohol, so it wont be easy, but with the Lord, it is possible. 

       I love you all so much!! Thank you for the pictures you sent of the kids. They are getting so big! I miss you guys more than you´ll know but am so happy to hear that everyone is well!!

Love you to the moon and back and forever


Until next Monday,

Hermana Stef

This picture is of all the sisters in our mission last Tuesday we had a meeting with all of us!