Pushing Along

MY Family and Friends,

I hope all is well with you all and that everyone is happy! I´m doing just fine here! I´m learning new things everyday and I am so grateful for this opportunity.
So this last week we split our area with the other sisters and now my companion and I are only working in Tlalcoligia, a little colony in Tlalpan and the apartments close to where we live. Our area was already small and now its even smaller but its okay! We are going to be working hard for the next 3 weeks of this transfer to find new investigators and to strengthen the ward here. We only have 1 investigator that is progressing. Ahh its kind of frusterating sometimes because we had so many at one point. Anyways, this investigator is actually on the border line of progressing and not because He accepted the invitation to be baptized but didn´t accept the date. His name is Jesus. His girlfriend is a member in the ward, her name is Dalila. (We went to the visitors center at the temple with her and her kids.) Anyways, Jesus is real great and I pray everyday that He can feel of the Savior love and desire for him to enter into his fold.
I trust in the Lord and know that He knows better than me. There is a reason why He sent me here to Tlalpan and everyday I strive to work with all my heart to fulfill the purposes of the Lord.  I love this Gospel so very much and I am SO proud to be a representive of my best friend, and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I strive to live each day so that others can see His light through me. 

Some news. Elder Oaks is coming in Febuary 8th and I was asked to sing in the mission choir!! So this wednesday we have practice! I CANNOT WAIT!!! =)

Thank you for the prayers. I feel them help me in everyday. I am so blessed! 
I love you all forever,
Hermana Stef

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