Changes :)

January 6, 2014

I am pretty sure there is a song that has those lyrics =) Well I have been here for a transfer already. How quickly the time flies! I am making the most of all the moments here because I know tomorrow I will be home.

Last night our District Leader gave us a call to notify us of the transfer. Hermana Garcia and I will still be companions for this next transfer. But as of tonight we will have 2 other sisters living with us. In the past our area has had only one companionship of missionaries, but the Lord has something planned for the people here. I am excited to be part of this change. Tonight Hermana Garcia and I are going to go get 2 new sisters from the United States to stay with us tonight for their first night, one of them will be staying and the other will meet her companion tomorrow and go somewhere else for the next six weeks.

I am SO excited to have more American sisters in the mission and even more excited that one of them gets to be in the same ward as Hermana Garcia and I. I know all these changes are happening because of the Will of the Lord. The Hermana that will be training the new American is from Argentina, but I don’t know her. My companion isn’t too excited to have them join us but she is trying to be okay with it. I know that I have a new task ahead of me in this next 6 weeks. I will have the opportunity to help the new American sister feel okay being in Mexico. Sometimes I wish I would have had someone to help me in those first few weeks, but it worked out just fine and now I get to be that help for her. Also I will be able to support my companion in her trials and struggles with this change.

I know the Lord will help me as I serve these sisters. I already feel so strongly in my heart the service I need to give. I am excited! I feel a light within me and I know that it is the Light of Christ. I know that there is going to be much work ahead of us in this transfer and without a doubt in my heart, I know the Lord will help us to accomplish whatever it is that He asks of us.

Oh some other exciting news is that Elder Oaks is coming to our Stake!!!! Feb 9th =) How cool!!!! 

My sweet Family and Friends, I know that our Savior lives and loves us so much. I know that He supports us in our trials and makes our load lighter, but only if we ask. We can suffer and suffer for much time, but if we would just remember to ask He is immediately there. Don’t try to do anything alone, that’s just silly. You wont get very far. But if you plead with the Lord to be with you, you can and will have his love and help with whatever it is that you  may be doing. What a sweet blessing that is. I am so thankful for the Gospel in my life and the joy that I have. I am so thankful that everyday I have the opportunity to bare testimony of our Savior and his teachings. Even though my Spanish is still in the process and faulty, that doesn´t stop me from bearing witness of my Brother, Savior and Redeemer every day! He is so Awesome and is my best friend!

I love you all so very much! More than you will ever know!

Share a simple testimony with someone this week!. Pray to know who needs to hear it =) The Lord will be with you!

Hermana Stef



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