Phone Home

December 26, 2013

It was so so so good to hear from all of you last night! Your voices calmed my soul. As I have been here in Mexico it has been interesting to see all the different lives lived. There are so many great people with the sweetest of spirits. They are such good examples to me. The family we were able to spend a little bit of Christmas with is absolutely wonderful, but it is a little sad to see that they could have so much more happiness if all of them could accept and follow our dear Savior. Hermana Consuelo and one of her daughters are members of the church. Her daughter Favy is active but Hna Consuelo is not and the rest of the family aren´t members. I love spending time with this family though because I hope that by our examples they can see that there is more than just the things in life. One day, we will get Hermana Consuelo back to church. She is so wonderful and a beautiful daughter of God. 

We had the opportunity to go to the visitors center at the temple to a training. It was so beautiful! We brought a less active family with us and it was great. Well actually the family isn´t less active anymore. we were able to reactivate them!! IT was a really cool experience!

One thing that has been on my mind a lot this week is the Work of Salvation and the work of the members in the wards and stakes. Since I have been here, I have realized that I lacked so much in the work of Salvation and it isn´t even hard. Simply share your testimony with someone. If they are ready and prepared, that simple testimony is enough. My favorite thing to do is to share my testimony of our sweet Savior and brother Jesus Cristo. His light is so bright in my heart. I love him and I want everyone to be able to feel the same love I have! Through the Savior we have everything. There is no need to fear. He knows us and with that knowledge, it can help us to be brave to share our testimony to spread the spirit of Christ not only in this season but always!! HE is OUR brother, He is OUR Shepard, Our Savior, Redeemer, OUR LIGHT. What a wonderful thing to know. 

I love you all so much and am happy to know that all is well with everyone!!! Share your testimony this week because I know that there is someone who needs to hear it from you =) Don´t be scared because the Savior is with you…. and because you all speak the same language as the people there! 

The Lord loves you all so very much. We are a blessed family and I am so grateful to be a Davies forever. 

I love you all forever and ever!

Hermana Stef









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