I am a Missionary in Mexico

I hope all is well back home. I miss you all so so so very much! Things are difficult here in Mexico, but that was expected, right? Anyways life here is SO different!! The area I am in in called Tlalpan. My companions name is Hermana Garcia of Veracruz. She is 26 years old and has about 5 more months in the mission. I love her, but pray every single day for more charity. God has been helping me more than I will ever know. In this particular area it is hard because from the sounds of it, we don’t get much help from the ward members. Yesterday we had Stake Conference and that was really neat. They got a new Presidency and that reminded me of our stake back home. During the adult session of the conference saturday night and area 70 singled me out and welcomed me to mexico because we, the sisters from the mtc, are the first 4 sisters to be here in over 25 years. It was cool! 

Spanish is coming along. I don’t speak it very well but every day it gets better and I understand more and more.
So when we flew in monday night we met the mission president and his wife. they are so sweet! I love them very much. There is another mission president and his wife in the mission…probably secretaries or something, but they are from the usa and speak english. Sister Valadez told me to call Sister Brailsford if I ever needed anything and all would be well! I hope so. 
We have about 5 investigators right now with baptismal dates..but since I don’t understand all spanish..it’s hard for me to tell how well they are progressing. But we did have one of our investigators come with us SUnday to the conference! That was great! Her name is Hermana Martha and she has 156 cats! The ultimate cat lady. I love all the people here though. They are so nice to me! It is scary and hard for me to be here though. The Lord is cutting down my branches lower than ever before, but this way I will be able to grow bigger and more beautiful and produce the most precious fruit. 
I love you both so much and hope that you are happy!
🙂 Hermana Stef
…my p day is today monday and i took this picture this morning. today and everyday we are all together!

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