Phone Home

December 26, 2013

It was so so so good to hear from all of you last night! Your voices calmed my soul. As I have been here in Mexico it has been interesting to see all the different lives lived. There are so many great people with the sweetest of spirits. They are such good examples to me. The family we were able to spend a little bit of Christmas with is absolutely wonderful, but it is a little sad to see that they could have so much more happiness if all of them could accept and follow our dear Savior. Hermana Consuelo and one of her daughters are members of the church. Her daughter Favy is active but Hna Consuelo is not and the rest of the family aren´t members. I love spending time with this family though because I hope that by our examples they can see that there is more than just the things in life. One day, we will get Hermana Consuelo back to church. She is so wonderful and a beautiful daughter of God. 

We had the opportunity to go to the visitors center at the temple to a training. It was so beautiful! We brought a less active family with us and it was great. Well actually the family isn´t less active anymore. we were able to reactivate them!! IT was a really cool experience!

One thing that has been on my mind a lot this week is the Work of Salvation and the work of the members in the wards and stakes. Since I have been here, I have realized that I lacked so much in the work of Salvation and it isn´t even hard. Simply share your testimony with someone. If they are ready and prepared, that simple testimony is enough. My favorite thing to do is to share my testimony of our sweet Savior and brother Jesus Cristo. His light is so bright in my heart. I love him and I want everyone to be able to feel the same love I have! Through the Savior we have everything. There is no need to fear. He knows us and with that knowledge, it can help us to be brave to share our testimony to spread the spirit of Christ not only in this season but always!! HE is OUR brother, He is OUR Shepard, Our Savior, Redeemer, OUR LIGHT. What a wonderful thing to know. 

I love you all so much and am happy to know that all is well with everyone!!! Share your testimony this week because I know that there is someone who needs to hear it from you =) Don´t be scared because the Savior is with you…. and because you all speak the same language as the people there! 

The Lord loves you all so very much. We are a blessed family and I am so grateful to be a Davies forever. 

I love you all forever and ever!

Hermana Stef









Submitting to the Fathers Will

My wonderful Family and Friends!

It is always so good to hear from you all! It sounds like everyone is doing well and that makes me happy!

We are working with quite a few different people, but one family in particular, Familia Alverado just recently all accepted the invitation to be baptized!! I am so excited, but continue to pray hard for them everyday to actually follow through. We get about every investigator to accept the invitation but then…nothing. So we pray hard every day and night for them to be able to KNOW that this sweet Gospel is true and to truly have the desire to follow the example of our dear Savior.


As for Carmen who I mentioned a few weeks ago, she is so sweet but we haven’t seen her for a while. She has been out of town but we are hoping for the best with her. 


This work is so wonderful and also so hard! I am so grateful to know that we have a Savior who loves us unconditionally and know how we feel in EVERY moment of every day. We are never alone. I love the power of prayer. I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven. I am so blessed and am forever grateful to them!!


Every time in our lessons I have a prayer in my heart to know what to say because it is so difficult for me. I want SO Badly to be able to express all I feel but because of the lack of words in Spanish I cant say what I want. I cry sometimes about that. but because of the power of prayer and the gift of the holy ghost… those words come!


I love teaching the restoration with investigators. I memorized the first vision and every time I say it i feel the spirit testify to me so strongly and i cry… my companion is used to me crying during that part because EVERYTIME I do. Joseph Smith was so strong and I am thankful for his example! I can do this work here in Mexico because there have been SO many people before me who had to do much harder work. I really am so blessed.


Some mornings i wake up a little scared because I re-realize I am in Mexico and the mission is actually occurring right now but like president Stucki said for the lord…this is preparation for when I am a mother and my children will call me blessed. 

On a little paper I wrote: work hard everyday for my family and for my future family. Some days that little thought is the thing that gets me through! I cant wait to have my own family one day. I know this is preparing me for that! It is the deepest desire of my heart! How hard and wonderful it will be!


Give yourself a hug from me!!

I think this time away strengthened my love for families and I am so grateful for that!

Have a great week!



Hermana Stef






Better than the First

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been so much better than the first. My testimony of the power of prayer grows stronger and stronger everyday! 
So exciting news! This past week we received a reference from a lady in the ward for a lady name Carmen. Carmen has been prepared by our dear Heavenly Father. I know that with all my heart. She is so ready to have this Gospel in her life. We meet with her the first time on Saturday, and the next time will be tomorrow! I am really looking forward to it! She accepted the invitation to be baptized already but said that she will be more sure when she learns more. She is amazing and so is our Lord!
Mexico is an adventure! I am not used to big cities! We do get to eat at the members homes and the food here is so good… Mom and Dad, your food is still my favorite… with the exception of corned beef and cabbage. I want to learn how to make all the food I’ve had so I can share with you all when I am home. 
I am learning so much here. It is amazing.. but Spanish is still very bad. But I try hard everyday to talk as much as i can so that I can one day get better. It is tough because NO one speaks English … for the most part I understand everything…or can piece it together. It is frustrating though and is helping my patience grow as I strive each day to communicate with the people I have been called to serve. I know that the Lord provides a way though and I trust in him that he knows what he is doing with my life. 
I am so grateful for this experience here though. I know that I am learning things that I wouldn´t be able to learn if I didn’t decide to be out here. 
Well I love you all so very much and am so grateful that you are mine!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the support you give me. I know that the Lord is blessing us all. 
Hermana Stef

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I am a Missionary in Mexico

I hope all is well back home. I miss you all so so so very much! Things are difficult here in Mexico, but that was expected, right? Anyways life here is SO different!! The area I am in in called Tlalpan. My companions name is Hermana Garcia of Veracruz. She is 26 years old and has about 5 more months in the mission. I love her, but pray every single day for more charity. God has been helping me more than I will ever know. In this particular area it is hard because from the sounds of it, we don’t get much help from the ward members. Yesterday we had Stake Conference and that was really neat. They got a new Presidency and that reminded me of our stake back home. During the adult session of the conference saturday night and area 70 singled me out and welcomed me to mexico because we, the sisters from the mtc, are the first 4 sisters to be here in over 25 years. It was cool! 

Spanish is coming along. I don’t speak it very well but every day it gets better and I understand more and more.
So when we flew in monday night we met the mission president and his wife. they are so sweet! I love them very much. There is another mission president and his wife in the mission…probably secretaries or something, but they are from the usa and speak english. Sister Valadez told me to call Sister Brailsford if I ever needed anything and all would be well! I hope so. 
We have about 5 investigators right now with baptismal dates..but since I don’t understand all’s hard for me to tell how well they are progressing. But we did have one of our investigators come with us SUnday to the conference! That was great! Her name is Hermana Martha and she has 156 cats! The ultimate cat lady. I love all the people here though. They are so nice to me! It is scary and hard for me to be here though. The Lord is cutting down my branches lower than ever before, but this way I will be able to grow bigger and more beautiful and produce the most precious fruit. 
I love you both so much and hope that you are happy!
🙂 Hermana Stef
…my p day is today monday and i took this picture this morning. today and everyday we are all together!