November 15th, 2013

So this week has been another good one! I leave to Mexico in 10 days!! That is so weird. The time has gone so fast here. I think something that I have been striving to work on my whole life, but especially this past week is CHARITY!! We all know how irritated I can get with people some times…but I have really noticed the Lord helping me each day to love the other sisters in my district and the Elders. Sometimes they are real hooligans..but then I remember the love that Christ has for everyone and pray to feel that for others! IT WORKS!

Another thing that I have really learned to rely on is prayers. I pray so much here, and when I am not actually saying one aloud, I have one in my heart! It is the best communication we have.
I feel super ready to go to Mexico. I know that I am NOT ready at all, but I know that I won’t learn better than by being thrown into it. I also know without a single doubt that Heavenly Father is going to help me each day! I’m not worried about that at all.
So something I have heard is that the whole sending letters to Mexico is difficult. So maybe you should look into sending my letters through the POUCH ADDRESS in my mission call booklet. I also heard that DEARELDER.COM works even while I’m on the mission. I have no clue how, but maybe you can look into that so that way I can still get letter from you. They really are the best medicine for a missionary.
Okay so this morning we went to the temple again, but this time the sisters in my district and I decided to do sealings (as daughters). It was so neat! I just kept crying before we actually went in thinking about what doing sealings for these daughters to her parents really meant.
I am SO grateful to be sealed to you both! I couldn’t help but think of our family and be so happy that we get to be together forever!! It hit home for me though because I don’t really get to talk to you at this moment in life…besides through emails and letters. It just made me feel so blessed that Heavenly Father loves us so much to allow us that sweet blessing to be with our Earthly Family FOREVER!! AHH I can’t even explain it in words! Thank you so much for being the best parents I could ever have. I love you both so much and get strength in every day from you!
I LOVE YOU,  Tell Shon HI! 🙂
-Hermana Stef

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