Allowing Others To Grow


Mom and Dad!!

I really miss you! I have been thinking about you today! I am so excited for you to go to Florida! How fun that you get to have that trip together! 🙂
Spanish is coming along! It is weird that I can speak it. I need to speak it more but I bet in January, I will be speaking it fluently! The gift of tongues is amazing!
So we work with investigators, who are really our teachers, but it is so cool!! My companion and I have been making a lot of progress with them! They are accepting commitment we challenge them with and are making huge leaps of faith and progress! I can’t wait to actually see this happen in real life in just a few weeks!! Normally in the lessons I do most of the talking, but I have been trying to hold back and let Hermana Robison talk more. It was awesome though, yesterday I just let her take it and she did amazing! The spirit helped us so much!! Sometimes it is hard to step back and let others go for it, but its been amazing to see her confidence grow as I’ve done this!
Today was another wonderful day to go to the temple! I love it there and will be really sad when I don’t get to keep going every week! 
This past week I was assigned to be the Sister Training Leader for my District, which is pretty much like the District Leader…but for the Sisters. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve them and hope to be able to help them with their individual needs! They all have such sweet spirits and their hearts and in the right place.
I am so glad that we have to knowledge of the gospel already in our lives. It bring us such great joy and a fullness in heart. I’m looking forward to being able to help the people of Mexico remember what they once knew a long time ago! It is going to be such a sweet experience.
Oh I got a good one for you!! This morning I saw Brittney Washburn as we were walking to class! I got a picture with her! Then at the temple I saw Lindsey! They are such cute missionaries and are going to be awesome in Mexico! Then also today while Hna Robison and I were walking back to West Campus from the temple, Karmen and McKailey Robison in 19th Ward passed us! They honked and turned around and I got to give them both a big hug!! It was so great to see them!!!! Karmen took a picture and said she was going to send it to Karsten! I don’t know if you remember him, he was a friend in the singles ward! It was so awesome to be able to see someone from home!! 🙂
I love you so much!!! Have SO much fun in Florida! Tell Shon HI!
-Hermana Stef

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