Going on Adventures

What another great week!! Monday I was able to go to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake and get my Visa! Probably my favorite part about that whole trip was being able to ride a train. Not too many passenger trains in Idaho. 

The studying and hard work continues though! I love it! I have noticed the Lords help every single day and am so thankful for it! Usually I don’t handle stress and worry very well but since the first Sunday here at the MTC I have not felt any of that and I know it is because of the Lord! 

I live on West campus, they usually have everyone go to a chapel here and watch devotionals and firesides, but because I am in the choir, each Tuesday we get to go up to the Main campus and sing! It is so wonderful! The spirit is so strong in music. Funny story, this Tuesdays devotional we were singing and the camera zoomed in right on my face! They told us to not look at the screens so I didn’t, but I could still see myself in my peripherals.. I was trying so hard not to laugh but the Lord helped me and I was able to sing nicely and not ruin the moment! 🙂 But anyways, I love being able to sing in the choir! It is a neat opportunity!

The time is going fast here… I am almost half way through my time! I will miss it, but I can’t wait for Mexico. Wednesday we had the opportunity to do TRC which is like talking and sharing messages with members. So my companion and I go knowing very little spanish, but tried the best we could and the Spirit took over for us. It was so wonderful and made me EVEN MORE excited to be able to spend the next 16.5 months with them! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and am looking forward to reading your letters next Friday!


Hermana Davies




I met a sister named Sister Condie! She was a friend of Lori Mendenhall that I met at ISU and the tall elder next to us is Elder Holmes from Pocatello!! share this with Shayla 🙂


I send my love to all of you!  Love Hermana Davies


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