The Time Has Come

Mom and Dad!

Thank you so so so much for the package. Hermana Robison and I just got back from the temple and the package you sent got here. I was a little worried because we only get mail until 2pm on Saturdays and if it didn’t come before then, it would probably be getting sent back to you! But no worries it is here and I am very grateful! Just in time for me to go pack it up in my suitcase right after emails. 🙂
I am so EXCITED!!!! I am actually going to be in MEXICO in 3 day! How awesome! So I have to tell you the greatest story! My district had the opportunity to Host new missionaries that came to West Campus on Wednesday. As one of the buses pulled up, I watched as sisters and elders got off. (We were supposed to grab a sister, help get her luggage, and take her to her room and then bring them back to the chapel we originally started at.) Well I watched all these people walk by just smiled at them and said hello. For some reason I wasn’t grabbing any of the sisters. I was waiting for someone to still come off the bus but then I kept on feeling like I needed to go run back and grab one of the sisters i smiled and waved to earlier. So i followed that PROMPTING! Luckily no other Host sisters snatched her because I know why I was supposed to host her! Her name is Hermana Erika Santoya and guess where she is from!?!
MEXICO CITY!! and not only Mexico City, but MY MISSION! The Mission President and his wife were in her ward! The things she told me warmed my heart and calmed my soul. It was so perfect! She said that Mexico City south mission has the best security. It is safe and the people are awesome! She told me that the weather is great year round just about! and best of all, that the mission president and his wife are AWESOME! She said that Sister Valdez is the sweetest lady and that she is exactly like a mom! That made me so happy! This sweet sister wrote down the name of the ward and stake she was in and her families name so that I could say hello to them for her! I hope I get to meet them! 🙂 IT WAS SO PERFECT!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING ALL THOSE PICTURES! They are getting SO big and so stinking cute! It brought me to tears! You are the luckiest grandparents in the world!! and I am the luckiest AUNT! 🙂
As for Monday! I think that I will be calling in the morning in Salt Lake. My flight leaves at 8:30AM so it will be before then. I don’t know what time we will get to the airport and be through Security. I am just guessing to expect a call anywhere in between 6-8am! I know it is early! I am sorry. I bought a calling card. If I make 1 call it can last for like 5 hours. But if I try calling and no one answers I will loose like half the minutes on the card so make sure the volume is loud and you have it right next to ya! 🙂 Depending on how long we talk or what it is like later, I might even call again when we have the hour lay over in Georgia. That will be around… well whatever time I told you in the letter. 🙂
Here is a funny story for the week. Hermana Robison and I taught La palabra de saburdía to Jorge, our investigator and so all the words were fresh in my mind. As we went to dinner that night I was looking for the napkins and asked Dondé está las cervezas… which actually means where is the beer. hahah We all got a good laugh! if you wanted to know, napkins are servietas.
Well I hope that you have fun with the kids the next few weeks and that you have a really great Thanksgiving! Give everyone hugs for me and tell them I say hello! Give all the kids a big hug and kiss for me!
I love you all so very much and am very blessed to have the best family in the world! The Lord loves us so much to put us all together in the Davies Family. We are so blessed! Talk to you Monday!
Hermana Stef
I love you best friend!!! 🙂

Oh the picture with the 2 elders… the elder by me is the Farris’ nephew Adam! he was in the singles ward this summer
Good bye to the MTC.  It was great!


November 15th, 2013

So this week has been another good one! I leave to Mexico in 10 days!! That is so weird. The time has gone so fast here. I think something that I have been striving to work on my whole life, but especially this past week is CHARITY!! We all know how irritated I can get with people some times…but I have really noticed the Lord helping me each day to love the other sisters in my district and the Elders. Sometimes they are real hooligans..but then I remember the love that Christ has for everyone and pray to feel that for others! IT WORKS!

Another thing that I have really learned to rely on is prayers. I pray so much here, and when I am not actually saying one aloud, I have one in my heart! It is the best communication we have.
I feel super ready to go to Mexico. I know that I am NOT ready at all, but I know that I won’t learn better than by being thrown into it. I also know without a single doubt that Heavenly Father is going to help me each day! I’m not worried about that at all.
So something I have heard is that the whole sending letters to Mexico is difficult. So maybe you should look into sending my letters through the POUCH ADDRESS in my mission call booklet. I also heard that DEARELDER.COM works even while I’m on the mission. I have no clue how, but maybe you can look into that so that way I can still get letter from you. They really are the best medicine for a missionary.
Okay so this morning we went to the temple again, but this time the sisters in my district and I decided to do sealings (as daughters). It was so neat! I just kept crying before we actually went in thinking about what doing sealings for these daughters to her parents really meant.
I am SO grateful to be sealed to you both! I couldn’t help but think of our family and be so happy that we get to be together forever!! It hit home for me though because I don’t really get to talk to you at this moment in life…besides through emails and letters. It just made me feel so blessed that Heavenly Father loves us so much to allow us that sweet blessing to be with our Earthly Family FOREVER!! AHH I can’t even explain it in words! Thank you so much for being the best parents I could ever have. I love you both so much and get strength in every day from you!
I LOVE YOU,  Tell Shon HI! 🙂
-Hermana Stef

Allowing Others To Grow


Mom and Dad!!

I really miss you! I have been thinking about you today! I am so excited for you to go to Florida! How fun that you get to have that trip together! 🙂
Spanish is coming along! It is weird that I can speak it. I need to speak it more but I bet in January, I will be speaking it fluently! The gift of tongues is amazing!
So we work with investigators, who are really our teachers, but it is so cool!! My companion and I have been making a lot of progress with them! They are accepting commitment we challenge them with and are making huge leaps of faith and progress! I can’t wait to actually see this happen in real life in just a few weeks!! Normally in the lessons I do most of the talking, but I have been trying to hold back and let Hermana Robison talk more. It was awesome though, yesterday I just let her take it and she did amazing! The spirit helped us so much!! Sometimes it is hard to step back and let others go for it, but its been amazing to see her confidence grow as I’ve done this!
Today was another wonderful day to go to the temple! I love it there and will be really sad when I don’t get to keep going every week! 
This past week I was assigned to be the Sister Training Leader for my District, which is pretty much like the District Leader…but for the Sisters. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve them and hope to be able to help them with their individual needs! They all have such sweet spirits and their hearts and in the right place.
I am so glad that we have to knowledge of the gospel already in our lives. It bring us such great joy and a fullness in heart. I’m looking forward to being able to help the people of Mexico remember what they once knew a long time ago! It is going to be such a sweet experience.
Oh I got a good one for you!! This morning I saw Brittney Washburn as we were walking to class! I got a picture with her! Then at the temple I saw Lindsey! They are such cute missionaries and are going to be awesome in Mexico! Then also today while Hna Robison and I were walking back to West Campus from the temple, Karmen and McKailey Robison in 19th Ward passed us! They honked and turned around and I got to give them both a big hug!! It was so great to see them!!!! Karmen took a picture and said she was going to send it to Karsten! I don’t know if you remember him, he was a friend in the singles ward! It was so awesome to be able to see someone from home!! 🙂
I love you so much!!! Have SO much fun in Florida! Tell Shon HI!
-Hermana Stef

Going on Adventures

What another great week!! Monday I was able to go to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake and get my Visa! Probably my favorite part about that whole trip was being able to ride a train. Not too many passenger trains in Idaho. 

The studying and hard work continues though! I love it! I have noticed the Lords help every single day and am so thankful for it! Usually I don’t handle stress and worry very well but since the first Sunday here at the MTC I have not felt any of that and I know it is because of the Lord! 

I live on West campus, they usually have everyone go to a chapel here and watch devotionals and firesides, but because I am in the choir, each Tuesday we get to go up to the Main campus and sing! It is so wonderful! The spirit is so strong in music. Funny story, this Tuesdays devotional we were singing and the camera zoomed in right on my face! They told us to not look at the screens so I didn’t, but I could still see myself in my peripherals.. I was trying so hard not to laugh but the Lord helped me and I was able to sing nicely and not ruin the moment! 🙂 But anyways, I love being able to sing in the choir! It is a neat opportunity!

The time is going fast here… I am almost half way through my time! I will miss it, but I can’t wait for Mexico. Wednesday we had the opportunity to do TRC which is like talking and sharing messages with members. So my companion and I go knowing very little spanish, but tried the best we could and the Spirit took over for us. It was so wonderful and made me EVEN MORE excited to be able to spend the next 16.5 months with them! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and am looking forward to reading your letters next Friday!


Hermana Davies




I met a sister named Sister Condie! She was a friend of Lori Mendenhall that I met at ISU and the tall elder next to us is Elder Holmes from Pocatello!! share this with Shayla 🙂


I send my love to all of you!  Love Hermana Davies