The Strength from Prayer

Thank you so much for you emails and letters! Last night I got a letter from home with pictures and I LOVED that! Send more 🙂  I can recieve pictures on this email address but I will only get to see them on fridays! …which is better than nothing!

 I love it here! It took a little bit to adjust but it is wonderful! It amazes me that with the help from the Lord we can do anything He asks us to! I feel like I have learned so much in this first week that normally I would NOT have been able to, but I have been and it is because Heavenly Father is helping me! I pray so much everyday that I can do the thing which he has called me to do and it is working. He is so very aware of the things in our hearts!
We study hard everyday and become really drained and tired by the end of the night! But yet, every morning we wake up ready to start it all over again!! It is so weird how fast it has gone already. I know the mission is going to go much faster than I want it to! 
Hermana Robison and I are such goof balls! I love her so much! I can’t even express how much I KNOW now that the Lord truly knows us and what we need! He knew that her and I needed to be companions so that we could grow from each other and strengthen one another! It is so great!
I love and miss you so much! I hope that all is well back home! It make me so happy to know that your making an effort to go to the temple every week! I get to go every Friday and it is the BEST! So peaceful and perfect! I love the Lord and His son JesuCristo con todo mi corazon!
I am so thankful that he has given us the gospel! What a blessing it is in our lives.
My time is just about up! I will write a letter and send it home so that you can give it to grandpa! I actually was thinking about him while I was at the temple and I want to tell him that! So I will be sending that in the actual mail this afternoon!
Thank you for you support and prayers! I feel them is actually kind of weird, but not really because it is so awesome!!
I love you all so much and am very blessed that youre mine!
Hermana Davies
ps. Thank you for sharing that story with me Dad! What a great reminder that the Lord knows us and will help us! I love you!

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