The Miracle of New Things

Well I’m here! I flew into Salt Lake around 7:30 Wednesday morning. I caught the shuttle with about 5 other missionaries to head to the MTC. It was so good to not be alone. I did get to soak in an hour of alone time on the plane! I was the ONLY person on the plane sitting by myself. The two people who were supposed to be sitting next to me didn’t want to, so I had the whole row. It was actually kind of nice. I got to the MTC and was earlier than the arrival time so I sat around with a bunch of missionaries until everyone else showed up. We were able to eat lunch at the Main MTC campus while we waited and that was fun to experience because soon after, I found out that I would live on the new campus. We got thrown into a lot of things and had a lot of information. It was definitely overwhelming. I met my companion who I had actually found on facebook back in June. Hermana Robison! She is so sweet. The Lord truly does know us because her and I need each other. We both feel the same way about the whole mission experience and have been able to help one another. She really is such a blessing. Oh I also got to see Elder Jeffords! He was doing good and leaves next week. But the BEST part of the entire day was seeing Sister Davies. She is the most wonderful sister in the world. I gave her a big hug and cried with her for just a short second or two! I am so happy to be able to be serving with her. Knowing that she is doing the same thing as I am gives me strength to keep pushing on!

 I LOVE the Lord and I know that this is so hard because He is training me and molding me into the person that he wants me to become. I will try everyday to do the best I can because I know that there is so much more to come! One of my favorite scriptures D&C 58 3-6 explains this even better than I could ever! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I miss you too. Have a wonderful week! Until next Friday!

-Hermana Davies
ps. send lots of emails and letters! I would love some encouraging words 🙂

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